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Yoon sang hyun dating website, yoon Sang Hyun, Korean singer and actor, Profile and Portfolio

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Yoon Sang Hyun, Korean singer and actor, Profile and Portfolio

Is that asking for too much, really? They had such a sweet friends-to-lovers arc, and their romance always put a smile on my face.

This was a drama that sort of fell apart on a conceptual level but managed to hang on by its romances. But it also gives me hope too, that despite that fact, human connection is still worthwhile and gratifying, and sometimes, life-changing. But overall the show is beautifully shot, populated with colorful characters, and is a great balance of comedy and drama.

Kim Myung-min is in top form as a one-man powerhouse who goes from ethically challenged shark lawyer to sudden amnesiac nice guy. Tonally, this is a show that vacillated between some really dark subject matter and some really broad humor.

He did perk up eventually, but I never forgave his love interest for making him sad in the first place. It must have been excruciating. Extra-special praise earned one private lesson at a time. And I loved that Mom got a loveline of her own, which was one of the highlights.

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The indie music playlist was a storytelling device that told us every emotion of every scene, and entire episodes were created around specific songs, like a painstakingly crafted mix tape. It felt like a drama written by somebody who had spent a lifetime watching romantic comedies, who found witty ways to twist our expectations at every step of the way.

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Since I have a hard time recalling anything about this show other than Lee Sang-yoon making my heart race, I gave up trying to write a coherent review. Could it be that Sang Hyun also becomes the saving grace for this drama? It takes a lot to stand out as a rom-com in a year filled with rom-coms, but even without fancy bells or whistles, Marriage Not Dating was one of the best-written shows of the year. He has great chemistry with Choi Ji Woo. My first impression is that those conniving, bitchy, example of a good profile for online dating back-stabbing ladies pushing their spouses up the corporate ladder of success irritated me to no end.

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We saw a lot of share houses in dramaland this year, but theirs is the only one I actually wanted to live in. Problem is, the attraction is still there. If only Pinocchio were a contagion we could let loose on all of dramaland.

Because who could move from Eric, really? And how many drama characters actually get indicted for stalking? This drama is well told with likable characters and a not-too-improbable storyline. How did twelve days become three days then? If only that had been the rule and not the exception.

The fact that they were clearly unreliable narrators arguing their side of the story just added another layer. But at ten episodes, I felt like my favorite character got shafted for detours in unraveling a plot that was needlessly complicated. Although the viewer ratings were low, I consider it a success and highly recommend it.

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Sometimes I find myself looking at a season of upcoming dramas and think, There is nothing new under the sun. The timeline kept the pace at a perfectly taut breakneck speed the whole way through, and managed to keep the suspense level impressively high throughout its run.

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And with every step closer to the answer, came equal dread that our characters were creating the very situation they traveled back in time to avoid. Or I could go get myself a brain injury and forget I ever watched it. Bodyguard saves president from assassination in three days!

Instead the drama pretty much forgot its premise after the initial setup, and just gave us a regular drama about four regular boys who happened to be ten years apart in age. It was fun to encounter a different kind of drama heroine altogether, though I have more mixed feelings about the character overall because I disagreed with a lot of her choices. Sometimes the result was messy and scenes were bloated, but overall it put the drama off-kilter in a really good way. One day major corporations are quaking in fear of his every move, and the next day he wakes up with a sense of humor and a moral center.

He was looking good once he ditched the moustache and cut his hair. You were technically a drama. Is it any wonder that the audience stopped caring? Apparently this is possible.

There were no curses, imaginary or otherwise, which was a pretty big letdown given how central it seemed at the start. Uhm Jung-hwa may not be subtle, but she oozes charm and she can be so funny with the tiniest of moments.

But then I decided that would be meaningless, so I dug deep, looked back on the past year in dramaland, and found something nice to say. They had good romantic chemistry, but I think it was their comedic chemistry that defined them. You were a sham of a boss, but everyone got to slack off and make time for office romance, so yay?