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Why is Mario in a helicopter? Post your scores to Facebook, and let your friends marvel at your impossible score.

Luckily we have those city heroes here to save us! Push your car to the limit and dodge through the field to claim your highscore.

Revenge tastes twice as sweet when you've got nothing to lose. You don't have to buy any Nintendo game to enjoy the fireball shooting, mushroom gobbling, brick breaking fun of the Mario Bros! Test your knowledge of coat of arms in Asia and Africa! An addicting puzzle game with challenging levels. The Pirates have invaded the shores!

Thunderbirds is now free online on SuperGames. Insane Circle is now on SuperGames.

Mario Games

Tho the sword grants godly powers, it drinks the blood out of it? Besides them you will meet also many enemies, which is needed to kill.

What kind of part of the world has Mario not explored in the regular seasons of jumping and crushing those poor koopas. Escape From Mystic Graveyard. Open the scroll of Arabian Nights, and let it take you to the land of mystery and magic. The goal of this game is to arrange the letters and fill in the blanks to find the scrambled word.

Make your way past the defenders and go for goal. Take your team from zero to hero and become the soccer champions! Play online and free the latest apocalyptic environment tank game called Tank World Domination here on SuperGames. Welcome on the ship of the Captain Hangman, the great pirate.

Mario Games

Mario Games - Play Super Mario Bros Games Online Free

It's time to explore the world of Nicky! Fox to advance through the mysterious jungle and collect all the magical gems. Be sneaky or be super loud! Create bigger matches for awesome boosts!

Play as Mario in this Super Mario World-like game. Play online for free Girls Gone Racing games on supergames. Play this epic bubble shooting game with a futuristic chain reaction theme! Drive a Jeep in the Jurassic World, an open park with real dinosaurs, making crazy stunts while the fuel lasts and then upgrading the pieces. You'll have to cut the rope, 4 shared com music to score a slam dunk.

Guide color particles from the container to the capacitor. How many monster can you kill? Rescue all the cute characters by connecting all the provided links.

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Mythic Championship QualifierSuper Games - Play Free Cool Action Stick and Puzzle Games

Are you ready for a crazy race? Duck or Jump the new rage on the internet! Can you make all of these delicious candies match up before you run out of moves? Mister Mario got himself in some nasty business! The game goal is to Escape from this Mystic Graveyard by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room.

Try to reach a star on every level and collect coins for bonus points. Not even the koopas will support this freak! Higher the score, the game is speeding up. You don't have to be a huge Mario fan to know that he would totally raise Hell against the Goombas and Koopa Troopas if he had the firepower! Shoot the enemies and defend your ship.

Take on anyone that gets in the ring and be sure to knock their lights out! Play this number quiz, from easy to difficult levels! Help him in getting a good shave! Oh no, the guys from the Regular show got trapped inside a dangerous ninja dojo!

Are you in pursuit of a hat? The minions are ready for an epic shoot out adventure! Craigen the barbarian has found his perfect wife!

Let the angry birds win, and crush all the pigs that try to invade bird country! Play this quiz game and identify country flags from Asia, Africa and around the world. Viking Escape Viking Escape Help the viking and his pet dragon fight against villains in their adventure. With the funny game Love Tester you can find out if it's true love or only friendship.

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You have three trainer choices and a lot of pokemons. Infilitrating the Airship Hot Game. Get ready for a challenge in this original skill game where timing and concentration is key to success!

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Use your magic skills to puzzle and fill up this jigsaw! Avoid the opponents or stop them from reaching your goal. Help Mario save his beloved Princess Peach in this freezing winter world, filled with icecold enemies. Pick your basketball team and start the free-throw showdown with your opponent.