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Steaua currently boasts itself with the most impressive pedigree in Romania. Other kit colours have very rarely been used. Several other examples from music can be attributed as Steaua-related. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Because of his controversial character, he has been challenged by the majority of Steaua fans.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ever since, it has been adopted as an unofficial club anthem and is being played at the stadium at every match, sung together by the supporters. Steaua has the largest number of supporters of any team in Romania. The Romanian Revolution led the country towards a free open market and, subsequently, several players of the s team left for other clubs in the West. The Romania national team was also a tenant for numerous fixtures.

Links to related articles. This article's factual accuracy is disputed. Constantin Alecsandrescu F. At present, Becali has no official links with Steaua, as he gradually renounced his shares. Steaua played the first three matches in its history at the defunct Venus stadium.

Steaua has never had a standard playing kit. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Nonetheless, the song is beginning to lose popularity, mainly because it has become too commercial and many fans do not feel bonded with it any more. Several clashes between different factions of supporters have often occurred and still occur inside and outside the stadium. Gazeta Sporturilor in Romanian.

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Steaua Bucuresti Wallpaper 1 - Football Wallpapers

Steaua Bucuresti Wallpaper 1 - Football Wallpapers

Tudorel Stoica is the player with the most appearances for Steaua in Liga I, a record unlikely to be broken in the nearby future, www internetexplorer com as none of the current players have entered the top-ten so far. Steaua therefore became the first Eastern European team to claim the title of European champions.

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Recently, some away kits have begun reintegrating the yellow colour. The Romanian film Furia depicts scenes in which Steaua and Dinamo gangs of supporters are fighting on the streets after a direct match between the two sides.

Several matches throughout the years between Steaua and Rapid have also ended in serious clashes between fans. Popular reference, however, appeared only after the Romanian Revolution, as before, mass-media programmes were mostly being controlled by the former communist regime.

Steaua Bucuresti Wallpaper 1

However, the most widely used throughout time was the combination of red shirts, blue shorts and red socks. Is Gigi Becali really a changed man? Bogdan Andone Vergil Tudorache. Finals Winning managers Winning players.

Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. Romanian Football Federation. It was formed as a sports society with seven initial sections, including football, coached by Coloman Braun-Bogdan.

Other variants have been all-red, all-blue and also shirts in vertical red and blue stripes during the s and s. Marian Lupu Horia Codorean. Gerkan, Marg and Partners. Lucian Filip vice-captain.

Its run of straight wins in is another record, equal to the one held by Dinamo as of one year later. However, an online poll conducted by Sport. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. History League record by opponent All seasons.