Small Baby Songs In Hindi

Songs have always been an essential part of human life. Being a Tamilian, I hardly know songs from this. Lullabies or Loris in Hindi are our first encounter with music. Thought I will end this list with a prayer.

An anthem for every naughty girl, this is my so-so-so much loved track. My daughter sed to love this this song when she was a toddler and still does. Anyway, my household sagas are never ending since the four of us are entirely different characters come together.

Email will not be published required. Thank you so much Ronu, glad you enjoyed. Considering the fact that you named your sonny Suraj. Why do you think nursery rhymes have always been super hit among these tiny tots and even as adults we remember them so well? Play, perform or sing this song, see the tears fading away paving way to squeals of laughter and delight.

Anjana Jins Website Mommy to a one year old baby girl, who juggles between work, home and not to forget the shuttling of cities. When my daughter was a baby, two things really used to soothe her down whenever she was upset. Mommy to a one year old baby girl, who juggles between work, video player pro apk home and not to forget the shuttling of cities. Music and songs are inherent to any culture and ours in no different.

Small baby songs in hindi

They have all the knacks to befriend anybody in the universe. Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and C. Love, feelings and moments are all what matters the most. The coaxing and cajoling truly takes your heart away.

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The best patriotic song which brings back happy memories! Do Not Send Email Notifications. Click here to cancel reply. That peppy number has made us forget about this melodious track sung by Lata Mangeshkar for the movie Barood. Here are some of all-time favourite lullaby songs for babies to sleep.

Small baby songs in hindiSmall baby songs in hindi

This is my favourite lullaby for my daughter. The family is shown frolicking with a family of cute cuddly teddy bears. Though we usually read couple of books at bedtime, she still demands a few of them when she wants some special time with mommy. This melodious track shows how a teacher teaches her students through this lovely lyrical song and makes the session even more interesting.

This song had found its way as a picnic and antakshari staple. This title track is very touching and an emotional number which refuses to leave our soul. One was stories and the other was music. Sung by Asha Bhonsle, this number shows how a mother pampers her son to make him eat his food with all her affection and love.

Small baby songs in hindi

The fact that it is sung by the legendary Rafi saab that makes it a double delight! Is there any other song you would like to add to this list? It brings out the innocence, a lot of learning, emphasizes on relationships and makes the bonding even stronger.

FREE Hindi Song To Welcome A Newborn Baby

Seeing this, most of you must be reminded of the song from the movie Rajneeti. You can also read on how to raise a confident daughter. Thumbs up to Shri Anand Bakshi for this amazing, touching, warm lyrics and Lata Mangeshkar for her exceptionally melodious singing. Re Mama Re mama re kyu Bhul gye chintoo lal Reply.

FREE Hindi Song To Welcome A Newborn Baby

The title track from the Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee starrer is delightful both in terms of the track and the picturisation. So on that note here is the famous prayer from Guddi that catapulted Jaya Bacchan to fame. She loves reading, writing, dancing and hanging out.

This evergreen and so popular Bollywood lullaby has always topped the charts. This old song from the movie Jagriti is another of our favourite. Kajol and Aamir did such a wonderful portrayal to the song and made it even livelier with their performance.

An evergreen song which can be hummed on way to picnics and other outings with our bacha party. ShishuWorld Cartoon Series. My daughter just loves the song and the fact that lyrics tell a story of an adventure of a king makes it even more interesting. Join Our Facebook Community. In short a fun-loving person who wants to see the God created world.

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This delightful song is from the movie King Uncle with Jackie Shroff playing the titular role. Resources Chanda Mama Ek Chidiya. This song has been sung by Alka Yagnik and Sudhesh Bhonsle. On his journey, he meets a stranger who develops strong affection and regard for his purpose.

The lyrics are composed without any offensive language and every word touches your soul. It talks about their purity of heart and honest expression of emotions. Sing once and I am sure it will not leave your tongue for days coming by. One of the super hit songs of the current age.

Which is your favorite song out of these? It also shows that money can never buy happiness. And a confession that this used to be my song to irritate my brother and other friends when I had to get my way out. Almost missed this one and a few good souls pointed that out. Can any birthday party be complete without this song played over and over again?

Small baby songs in hindi