Located five kilometers northeast of Veliko Turnovo, the village of Arbanassi has a splendid view over the Medieval castles of Trapezitsa and Tzarevets. The village has its specific style in house-building. In 17-18th centuries the village reaches its “Golden age” and richly ornamented monumental houses and churches are built during this period. The Arbanassi house has no equivalent in building and style in other parts of the country. They resemble minor fortresses on the outside with high, solid walls and heavy gates, iron grids and secret hiding-places, but which are spacious and comfortable, richly decorated and furnished on the inside.
Another architectural treasure of the village is the existence of five churches and two monasteries. The oldest of Arbanassi’s five churches is The Nativity Church (1637 – 1649), dug into the ground without a belfry and with hidden cupolas, but hiding a genuine art gallery with over 3,500 stunningly realistic figures and Biblical scenes, painted by unknown artists throughout the ages. Konstantsalievs House (17th century) is an authentic house-museum, impressive by its monumental architecture resembling a veritable fortress.