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The idea is to use the fixed gear most of the time, but to have the freewheel in reserve for longer rides, when you might be all tuckered out and still far from home. That passion can be found in the parts we sell, in the bikes we build and the customers we have.

Some of the hubs include the

At JustPedal we live bikes. One of the major advantages of singlespeed and fixed gear bikes, as opposed to bikes with derailer gearing, is that the chainline is straight. We are working hard to add all items to the new shop, but that will take some time. We think it is important to ride.

See my Frame Spacing Article for details. Fixed Gear hubs have a double thread. The shop is still work in progress. You would screw a singlespeed freewheel onto the hub.

To ensure good chainline you need

The width of the hub usually measured from the outer faces of the locknuts needs to match the frame spacing. We sell more than you find in our webshop. The singlespeed freewheel is built into a sprocket, so you need to choose what size sprocket when you buy the freewheel. Touring and Gravel riding Gravel riding is the new bike touring. For details, see my article on Chainline.

Not all products we had available in Singlespeed Central are already available in the new shop. Some of the hubs include the lockring, some don't. To ensure good chainline, you need to make the front chainline distance from frame center to the center of the chainring teeth match the rear chainline hub center to the center of the sprocket. Different frames have different spacing in back, anywhere from mm to mm or more. Freewheels are not included with the wheels, you need to buy them separately.

Not all products we had

At Just Pedal we have a lot of experience building and riding these bikes, and our webshop contains some great products to update your current ride. You can install a fixed sprocket on one side, and a freewheel on the other, or you can install two freewheels of different sizes, turning your singlespeed into a sort of two-speed. This makes for a more efficient drive train less friction, better power transmission. The lower freeweheel gear will make the climbs easier, and the fact that it is a freewheel will let you coast down the hills without spinning your brains out due to the lower gearing. Not only because we love to ride, also because we want to know what we sell.