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Converse sneakers add the perfect finishing touch to both casual looks and elegant outfits, making them firm favourites among fashionistas. The old goods shed south of the station building had to be demolished in for the works. Deutsche Bahn is planning a series of changes in the station and the rebuilding of a dismantled track. The post office left the entrance building in and moved into the separate post office building that had been built to the north of the entrance building. Still a byword among customers and footwear fans, the name also conveys the great versatility of this famous sneaker.

The town council asked the State Railways for a station to be built west of the Erms. But even leather and iron goods were despatched at the station. The exterior walls in the ground and first floors consist of light-colored sandstone. Farmers mainly loaded fruit, vegetables, wine, beef, pork and lumber. The facade of the gabled-roof storey is bright red clinker brick.

This included the removal of long stays by freight trains in Metzingen. The Converse sale offering reductions on manufacturer's prices for men's and women's models is a particular attraction, with the white Converse a firm favourite among wearers.

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In the following years, rail traffic was reduced by the growth in the use of cars. The label very quickly entered the rubber footwear market, where it specialised in galoshes. The narrow main hall of the building was open at first. It had brick interiors with cornices.

The northern one-storey extension has since housed a tavern. Its deficiencies were mainly in the loading of luggage and goods. The upper floor was used for staff housing. At this time, agriculture was still important to Metzingen.

It then went on to use the rubber material for its boots to produce sneakers, the soles of which still feature this familiar material. But it's not just Converse's sneakers that have been delighting generations, the label's collections are another success story. Converse products can be mixed and matched to create very diverse and stylish looks. Wherever their journey or adventure in Converse Chucks may take them, wearers convey their own personal interpretation of the brand. The shed for the small locomotive, which was now unneeded, was demolished.

Converse ranges for women and men are available in a variety of styles. Generations have had fun in Converse All Stars, from skateboarding to concerts, with these cult shoes proving the perfect footwear for every occasion.

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Women can combine white Converse sneakers with dresses, jeans or skirts for an on-trend look, while men can use Converse Chucks to add a casual note to any outfit. Wearers use their personal take on the Converse label to create their own very individual style.

The entrance building, which housed the post office in the beginning, has been preserved. Instead the tracks were laid to the east of town to allow a better alignment and to facilitate the connection of the projected railway line towards Urach. The local Nazis railed against the building. Cult, personality and fashion in a single shoe The boundless style options opened up by Converse sneakers turn each Converse wearer into a trendsetter. In addition, for the first time, toilets were installed inside the building.

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