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Drabenderhöhe – Ortschaft der Stadt Wiehl

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Large evaporite reserves are present in the Sandling mountain, formed as a result of a major period of marine lowstand, when the sea level was low and the sea dried out.

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Until Altaussee was part of the American occupation zone in Austria. Army reached the Ausseerland region followed by the main force of the U. Because the rocks formed so deep, fossils are rare.

Also entire pro-fascist governments that had been used by the Nazis in the Balkans took refuge in the region. However, corals are reported from the lower slopes of Loser mountain. The Nazi's built floors, walls, and shelving as well as a workshop deep in the chambers. The limestones which make up the mountains are white to pale grey in colour, and formed relatively deep in the ancient Tethys ocean.

The fault is seismically active, with small earthquakes common. The mines are still operational today, and brine is pumped to the market town of Ebensee. Due to the alpine location and the strong share of the Totes Gebirge about half of the municipal area consists of alpine wasteland, the rest are forests, grasslands and other land forms. In the following centuries the Pflindsberg castle developed into a regional seignory with the right to hold high justice. The most noticeable of these peaks are the Loser m to the north, the Trisselwand m to the east and the Sandling m to the west.

Much of it has been lost since the turmoil of the early post-war days. It was administered by an official of the styrian Landesfürst. The community center is located in a valley, which is encircled by mountains. The autonomy of the municipalities Bad Aussee, Grundlsee and Altaussee was dissolved and one single Bürgermeisterei mayoralty was established in Bad Aussee. With operations later transferred to Bad Aussee, investment in allowed the opening of the Steinberg tunnel.

Previously to the arrival of the U. For the coverage of his claim to power he built the small Pflindsberg castle on a hill east of the Altaussee village. The highest mountain within the community area is the Schoenberg m close to the border with Upper Austria. The age of these rocks are Triassic and Jurassic. The municipal offices of Altaussee and Grundlsee were henceforth field offices of Bad Aussee.