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Is there any way to fix this? Google shows this is a problem others have with no way to fix.

The game can be quite fun to play and can even be educational. Otherwise, this thing works a treat. Secondly, I'd like to report that I'm having the same issue as ogdevilbunny was a few months ago. Start a new game in any year on the Land of Freedom Map.

It says the disk should be in drive C but that's my hard disk. With the normal arrow cursor, select and cancel the tree tool. Expansions Galactic Adventures. Available structures include the old tried and true from the original, but add many additional options like prisons, museums, hospitals, seaports, and much more. This game is the second installment in the SimCity series.

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This director appears to be incorrect. If you've found a cheat that we don't know about yet, and would like to share it with SimPage. There is only one newspaper for the whole city, no matter what size that the city is. Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. This is the ultimate classic Maxis city-building and management simulation.

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Apply crack if any To play the game, run as administrator from game exe file Have fun and enjoy. Click somewhere on the map and hold down the mouse button.

To get technical support for your game contact our support team. There is no water system, but it is unknown whether this was to make it a better portable experience or because of technical limitations. You also have your choice of ways to produce power for your city, but they have a finite existence and must be rebuilt periodically.

From this tool you can change your city in any way you like without paying a single penny. No dialog popup, just an instant shutdown. Enacting city ordinances and connecting to neighboring cities became possible.

Have you been able to get around the animation problem without resorting to dosbox? The player was able to create basic bitmap files of a standard size with a standard color palette. The cash is added to your total at the end of the current month. It expanded upon many of the concepts that were present in the original and features new gameplay elements. Can i take a look at that reg file?

Unlike the original release versions of the game, this downloadable version requires connectivity to the Electronic Arts servers for saves and gameplay. What a disgrace since the windows version wroks so flawlessly. Microsoft Pinball for Windows. Yeah, I've always liked the Windows Version. Support Game technical issues.

You can explore the underground layer and build subways and utilities without compromising your aesthetics. You can erase tiles and reclaim used space without losing a tile's population! Looks like a large number of malware applications are marking this application as a false positive.

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The tiles that you erase with this tool will retain their original population, but the crime and pollution will be gone, along with the need to give power and water to the tile! The conversion was performed by Krisalis Software which had ported the original SimCity to the platform. To ensure that these tricks work correctly, make sure that you follow each step exactly as it is written. This cheat makes most but not all tools available for free. It is very easy to learn and a lot of fun to play, the controls are great and very easy to use.

Players can build highways to neighboring cities to increase trade and the population. To the right of Bond Payments, you will see an open book icon. It ran perfectly even without compatibility mode on.

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The graphically beautiful like the original SimCity, spongebob dash it is considerably more playable and almost as detailed. Download SimCity pc games latest full version setup.

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The simplicity of the graphics makes the game almost relaxing to the music. The port also allows the player to tour their city from a car's perspective and has a full motion video intro. Save Load patch has been implemented better, hopefully it fixes the issues people have been having! The four reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly applauded the PlayStation version for including mouse support, declaring the game the killer app for the PlayStation Mouse.

Probably wont happen unfortunately. And there's no events in the event viewer about the crash?