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High Roller was created in using the same three maps as the home console version. Once the clock reaches zero, the game is over, and the player is ranked and rated based on the total earned. The various passengers scattered throughout the city will randomly appear and disappear throughout the game, but once one is picked up that passenger is unavailable for the rest of that game. Sega has attempted to branch the Crazy Taxi franchise beyond the realm of video games, with varied results.

Crazy Taxi is a series of score attack racing video games that was developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega. Video game franchises owned by Sega Sammy. Sega applied for and was awarded U.

The original arcade game was developed by Hitmaker as a variation from then-current arcade titles. Crazy Taxi and its sequels are score attack games that all employ the same fundamental rules and mechanics.

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The number of passengers in the car multiplies the tip bonuses earned from stunt driving, while the total fare can only be earned once the last passenger is dropped off in time. In Crazy Taxi, time is money, and only the Craziest Cabbies come out victorious. The color marker ranges from red indicating short trips, to yellow for intermediate distances, and to green indicating long ones.

Fare Wars have had a somewhat better reception than other ports. This defaults to your Review Score Setting.

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Some of these test the player's handling of a taxi, while others are more exaggerated, such as taxi bowling or pool. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. The game incorporated music and sounds from the video games. The player controls one of several taxi drivers in a fictional city, looking for fares and then taking them to their destination in the fastest time possible. If the destination is reached in time, the player is paid based on distance driven with a possible time bonus based on how quickly the destination was reached.

Read more about it in the blog post. If the passenger's countdown drops to zero, they will exit the taxi and the player will be required to look for another fare. Furthermore, a second countdown timer is started, representing how quickly the passenger needs to be at their destination.

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In addition to the video arcade games, Sega Enterprises, Inc. There is more than one way to buy this game.

Once Sega left the hardware market, other companies began to take up some of the franchises, including Crazy Taxi. The player must perform this while time still remains on an overall gameplay clock.

Off-topic Review Activity. Passengers looking for rides are indicated by an overhead marker that is colored to represent the distance to their intended destination. The game continues in this mode as long as time remains on the clock. Killer List of Video Games. Some mini-games require the completion of others before they can be accessed.

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It is the third best-selling Dreamcast game in the United States, selling over a million copies. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. When a passenger is picked up, the player is awarded additional time on the countdown time. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. The original Dreamcast version of Crazy Taxi was one of the best-selling games for the console.

Passengers were worth different points, from which the operator would then set the number of tickets to be won. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. There have been two attempts to create a movie based on the Crazy Taxi franchise.

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The soundtrack of the Crazy Taxi series has typically been licensed hard rock and punk rock music. Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and Crazy Combo your way to Crazy Money in a wild frantic race to scare up the most fares. Over one hundred different ideas for mini-games were developed by the team but then pared down for the Crazy Box mini-game challenges for the game. Hey hey, atlas ti 6.2 come on over and have some fun with Crrrrrazy Taxi! The game adds an additional four characters to select from.