Pro Evolution 2008

El simulador de f tbol por excelencia

El simulador de f tbol por excelencia

It captures the realism of the sport almost perfectly, but most importantly, it remains eminently playable. We hope it's a server problem and that Konami's daily server downtimes will help iron out the problems. One of the more noticeable changes is that the game feels slightly faster, taking it more into the realms of an arcade game than ever before.

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With that said, series veterans may wonder what exactly Konami has done to improve the gameplay in the past year. More than ever, you feel like you're playing a clever human opponent, forcing you to improve your game as a result. Animation has been tweaked to give the players more physicality, notably in the way they tussle with each other, as well as the independent movement of the ball.

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Where technological resources are lower, the game offers more features and better playability, and it's the definitive console version of the game. For example, the English Premiership's two licensed teams have changed from Arsenal and Manchester United last year to Tottenham and Newcastle United this year. If you have a multitap adaptor, you can pair up for two-on-two games, while bonus challenges include penalty shoot-outs and free kicks on goal. The game was met with positive to very mixed reception.

Konami has also added a bunch of new game modes that, while not completely revolutionary, do add to the longevity of the game. You're doing it wrong Konami has also added a bunch of new game modes that, while not completely revolutionary, do add to the longevity of the game. Pro Evolution Soccer More Info. Longtime fans and purists will rejoice at the fact that the game runs perfectly, osce book with no jerkiness or tearing. This feature does not appear in the Wii version of the game.

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Prepare your fingers PES 2008 has arrived

While the game isn't amazing in terms of graphics, certain player likenesses are spot-on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In its current state, the online component of the game feels buggy and unfinished.

Aside from these new modes, the usual Pro Evo leagues, cups, and the master leagues also make an appearance. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. The console still feels like the game's natural home, not only because this version is the most fully featured, but also because it feels the best put together. The other console versions offer a new diving ability that allows you to fake fouls in the hope of being awarded free kicks. The players frequently transport across the pitch from one position to another, the ball flies jerkily through the air, and sliding tackles often miss their target.

These tweaks make Pro Evo a better game than last year's, but not in a dramatic enough way to warrant an upgrade. It's a dirty tactic in an otherwise authentic simulation, and although its omission here is slightly confusing, we applaud it nonetheless.

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However, the game just hasn't changed enough to warrant an upgrade, while the online mode lags too much to be playable at this stage. However, players are animated incredibly well and some actually look pretty realistic. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Pro Evolution Soccer features an online mode where players can meet up to play friendly matches and competitions, as well as create friends lists or join groups.

It features noticeably smoother player animations and substantially more game modes than the other console versions, as well as a fluid, polished game engine. At the time of review, no fewer than four warning screens appeared ahead of the online lobby, informing players of performance issues and scheduled server maintenance.