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With nice story, excellent background music and awesome songs sung by singers like Kailash Kher the serial has got a good response. The weakest performer of the week is then eliminated Two renowned music directors, Shaan and Shantanu will be mentoring the Champions and the Challengers respectively. The music, the songs in, dev c compiler for windows 7 and the title song of Na Aana is Des Laado has also led to popularity of this show. India Calling has a title song which was aired together with the show. Due to huge success it has been translated and is now being aired in Afghan.

Compromised ethics, dishonesty, shocking revelations in medical area were among problems highlighted by Aamir Khan with the assistance of experts and research. Because of the story flow of this ladli story, it managed to reach to this destination in a very short time with compare to other tele-dramas telecasted in a similar capacity. Kokilaben's husband, Parag, is the reason Kokilaben has been so strict with Aham's upbringing.

Her only dream is to have a loving husband and in-laws. But, Ayushmaan loved this profession so much that he joined a hospital against the will of his father and with the blessings of his mother. The story begins with Kokilaben's search for the perfect bahu for her son, Aham. Their father puts a condition to distribute the property if both the families stay under single roof.

The fairy in this serial was popularly called as Son Pari due to her golden attire which she uses to wear. She even falls in a love relationships in this serial.

The show was aired in prime slot and has captured good amount of audiences for making it a successful soap opera. Chandni lands up into Mumbai for searching her sister. The figure is really shocking without any doubt. The drama has grabbed plenty of Awards and the actor who plays the role of Ram in this was awarded as Most Promising Talent of Tomorrow Award. The main theme is around the story that two lovers never meet inspire their souls love each other deeply.

They settle into a middle class and traditional family in Rishikesh after losing their parents under strict discipline and strong values, which is undeniably a sharp contrast to their lives earlier. Later both of them meet again and remember each other, and the connection between them, but only to get both of them separated again.

She is from a village and he mother is the only one working in house to earn money as her father has passed away. Rani is very loving and caring to her family and she wants make them proud. She dreams to break the boundaries of her confined existence of middle class values. Their father has left no stone unturned to ensure that his daughters have the same education as his son, despite social pressure. She takes tuitions for college students and is happy with the world.

The show provided insight into all the challenges that women will have to face when she is married to a rich class family. Koki also feels that if her husband would have done well, she would have got more importance in the family. Pavitra Rishta talks about the story of Manav, a poor mechanic, who fell in love with Archana at first sight.

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Pratigya and Arushi consider themselves lucky to be born into this family. The producer of the Serial is Rajan Shahi.

Kavyanjali is the new daily serial that is aired on Star plus television channel. It has also obtained many awards presented for television shows.

She craves the same love, and hopes to win it from the family she is married into. Circumstances and situations created around the two lovers make them to stay separately even though they love deeply. Her friends take pleasure in adequate freedom and one of them has a boyfriend.

Of one thing Sanyukta is very clear, she wants her new bahu to not only fulfill her duties, but will do so as per the parameters set by her. The new version of Ramayan is quite successful and has very good rating.

But, at last, they had to chose a normal life to lead after their operation and they were separated finally. But, as he was very talented, many started to become jealous of him. Raised by her loving Mama and tyrannical Mami, Gopi has been bereft of the true love of a mother. Sanyukta has given up on Aniket who is irresponsible and slow in disposition making him unable to function like normal people. People here, especially women, lead a very careful life.

Chandini dreams of going to Bombay. The concept of this series revolved around friendship between a fairy tale and a small girl. What more surprises await Ram and Priya? They grow up stifling many demands which they openly made earlier and had to encounter many challenging and interesting situations to fit into a traditional mould.

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In a word, though she was possessive and naughty, she had to see many ups and downs in her life with the flow of time. The equation between a saas and a bahu is not any different. The show and its title song is positioned at no. The fairy helps Fruty in day to day challenges and saves her father from being cheated by another woman who wants to marry him due to his property and riches.

Arcana is not well educated but she does the household chores without a flaw. As the story moves ahead, their love-hate association witnesses a sequence of theatrical conflicts. Kasturi is yet another soap opera that is produced by soap opera queen, Ekta Kapoor from their Balaji Telefilms circuit. Kasauti Zindagi Ki, produced by Balaji Telefilms and is yet another daily soap opera which is aired on Star plus.

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This does not stop them from loving each other. Through this attempt the creative team has successfully portrayed the fate of the rural Indian women who still suffer in the name of power and greed. However, he was saddened by the fact that it will be impossible to win her heart because her mother, Sulochana, vowed that she will find a rich and well-educated husband for her. She firmly stands for what she genuinely believes and never allows her inculcated values to go away. But Ayush did not have any proud and he also did not protest.

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Downlode background music from pratigya

Gopi has no ambitions and is uneducated. Both Anurag and Prerna go through lot of hurdles and tests which crops up each time a hurdle is passed.