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Sell their eggs and chicks for profit to maintain your lucrative farm business! Key problem solving skills such as focus, concentration, discipline, patience, and great determination are all very important if you want to complete the brain teaser mini-puzzles here. Immerse yourself in a quest across a hazardous ancient tribal world to reclaim a sacred wok artifact stolen from your village by horrible crooks. Playing against the clock, your task in each level is to reach a target number of satisfied, recovered patients. Hide the progress bar forever?

Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! In the game, you participate in a strange and unknown city where you have to find your place among strange citizens.

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Each of the troupe has a particular skill, and you must figure out how to utilize each individual to progress the story along. In addition, the buildings in this version are larger and higher than the buildings in the first version. Best smart-phone character creation is here! Buying, breeding, selling and caring for chickens has never been so much fun! The aim of the game is to find and eat all the cheese without hurting yourself.

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Enjoy this fun journey into one magician's dream and help him find the will to live again. Set in a colorful and eccentric cartoon woodland world, you can travel between levels on a giraffe really cool! Create combos and discover your own battle style!

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But, while napping, Granny didn't notice how her kittens got lost! With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms!

The site does not check all the small games, but what is here is excellent and there is no political fog to worry about. Escape a prison-like research facility using a real sense of curiosity and adventure combined with logical thinking, analytical problem-solving skills, and plain old common sense! This innovative, step-by-step adventure game requires logical thinking skills aplenty as you carefully pick your way through the various rooms, collecting vital objects as you progress.

This tricky, online brain teaser game requires smart analytical thinking skills and strategy, really good teamwork, and great determination and persistence. Dangerous Descent is fun role-playing game online based on the famous cartoon character American Dragon.

Sharp observation skills are important as you try to pick out items and objects that might aid your quest. Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms!

Filters Has badges Under judgement. Ruby and Esna are ready to awaken! Play a cool, fun, teamwork-based, point-and-click puzzle game! Get more out of your Kongregate experience. The more quickly you finish a level, the more bonus points you will receive, so hurry up!

Visit Our Developers Site. Smart decision-making skills come into play as you choose upgrades for your hospital between levels.

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Now, let's hit the streets and get canvassing! Keep yourself busy by going to the market, replenishing stocks, hatching eggs and building up your expanding farm. Jenny's Fitness Center is a point and click, business management-based tycoon game for girls and boys where you take over the running of a busy, customer-filled fitness center. Once you lay your might on his merciless minions, the cowardly Mr. Score points for catching pigs that are further away.

Sort Highest rating Most plays Newest Oldest. You play against a clock, with only a certain amount of time to raise the target sum of money each day, so dawdling certainly is not an option here! With the previous discussion of bias in play, program vegas you may think that a site with a clear bias is a strange opportunity to include.

To get there, you need to use boxes, strategically placing them to open doors, and collecting as many batteries as you can to earn points. Canvasser is a highly stimulating and interactive fundraising game where your goal is to raise money by persuading people on the street to donate to your campaign to save Evergreen Forest! Good multitasking skills are also important as you often have to deal with two or more patients at once. All parents need to know about video games! Build your own hotel empire, and rise from the rank of hospitality novice to a respected, multi-location, hotel chain super-owner!

The powerful monster that you fail to beat on your own could possibly be knocked down by forming a party with your friends! The treacherous Vizier has overthrown the Sultan and seized control of this powerful magic. Test how well you work under pressure in this fun role-playing game where you exercise your time-keeping skills as well as your multi-tasking abilities. This unique and entertaining game offers endless hours of silly fun.

If you've ever done some fundraising or similar non-profit work or if you've been stopped on the street by someone canvassing for contributions, you'll know that it is quite a tough job! Feel free to decide your own fighting style! This gives him an even better chance of reaching his cherished cup of coffee. Feel good about making a difference in the world and to your worthy environmental cause! We encourage you to investigate these issues and draw your own conclusions on whether to read such conventional game sites.