Location: Melnik
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 Sofia – Melnik – 180 km

Melnik – Rozhen monastery – 6 km

With fewer than 300 inhabitants, Bulgaria’s smallest town – Melnik, 20 km southeast of Sandanski, 180 km south of Sofia is famous for its robust red wine, impressive houses and natural surroundings. Thracians, Romans and Byzantines have written its history. Nestled amidst the southwestern fold of Pirin Mountain, Melnik combines memories of a prosperous past and unique in its kind countryside with whimsical sand pyramids, sandstone towers and mushrooms, vineyards and orchards. The original Revival architecture of the Melnik houses with their famous sand wine-cellars, the ruins of the old-time splendor such as the 13th century Boyar House, and the numerous churches, are the reason Melnik has become an architectural reserve. Melnik’s houses are spacious, with wide eaves and towers, high stained glass windows, carved ceilings and large cellars here the famous Melnik wine matures. A single street leads to the finest example of the forms splendor of this small southern town. The Kordopoulos House – with Venetian stained glass windows, spacious rooms and salons, ornamental murals, weaves and fretwork, a wrought iron gate and large wine-cellar from which caravans with the famous Melnik wine once left for Salonika, Athens, Vienna, Rome, and even Marseille and Spain.


  • 09.00 h – Pick up from the hotel by your guide. Transportation by deluxe A/C vehicle to Melnik.

    12.00 h – Arrival in Melnik. You will get acquainted with the history of Melnik, which dates from Thracian time and with the famous red wine produced here.

    You will visit inside Kordopulov house and its wine cellar and will taste from the famous Melnik wine.

    13.30 h – Continue to Rozhen monastery.

    Optional lunch in Rozhensko hanche with wine tasting.

    14.30 h – Visit Rozhen monastery

    The “Virgin Mary’s Nativity” monastery is one of the few monasteries that is preserved ever since it was built in the middle ages. It is situated in the lower south western part of Pirin, 6 km away from Melnik. A marvelous view to the magnificent peaks of Pirin and Belasitsa mountains and the unique Melnik pyramids reveals from here. The monastery was built in the remote 890 year. In the 17th century the monastery was burned out but it was restored in the 18th century.

    Just like the other monasteries Rozhen monastery has its miraculous icon of Virgin Mary that protects the monasteries and the thousand of pilgrims. The legend tells that the icon belonged to a widow from Nikea (Greece). The Byzantine emperor Teofilous who struggled against the icon cult wanted to destroy the icon and the widow throw it in the river and the icon reached “Ivrion” Monastery in Greece. Later it was moved in Rozhen Monastery.

    15.30 h – Departure back to Sofia

    18.30 h – Drop off in your hotel

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    Rates include: Transport, guide, museum taxes, insurance

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    Rates include: Transport, guide, museum taxes, insurance

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    Supplement for lunch in local restaurant with wine tasting: 15 EUR p.p.