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Tere Bina Heropanti Mustafa Zahid. Bablu realises that he misses Dimpy too much. Dimpy finds Bablu and he gives her the earring he found that belongs to the girl he fell in love with. Bablu and his friends as well as Dimpy accompany her father to Delhi to find the couple.

Ho nach le mere naal tu nach le Dil mera tu hi rakh le soniye Rehna mundeyan to bachke Jede tere piche padge ne. Chaudhary Prakash Raj is a very well known and respected man in his village. When Renu and Rakesh are about to be killed as punishment, Renu confesses that she is pregnant.

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Bablu manages to locate her in time and beats up the goons, winning the trust of Dimpy's father. The entire group is beaten badly. Na na maine hath ni aana Maine bas tera ban jaana Nai milna mujhe Google karke Tere varga deewana.

Instantly catchy, yet trendy, groovy yet deeply melodious, this is S-W at their best. Shankar and Sukhi Prashant Singh. Stardust Award for Superstar of Tomorrow - Male. Chaudhary decides to spare their lives, but at a cost- openly claiming that, to him, Renu is no more.

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Dimpy's uncle, Pappi, comes to know that Bablu had helped them to flee when he overhears Dimpy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

That night Dimpy and Bablu go to a night club. At first when Bhuppi, Pappi, Sukhi, and the gang confront Bablu and attack him to find Rakesh, Bablu single-handedly beats up all of them but is hit in the head and loses consciousness. Theatrical release poster.

Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. The high-energy infectious track is full-on Punjabi with a dollop of English and Hindi and has a lovely dance beat. Nothing is original - in the literal sense too! Dimpy manages to clean up everything before her uncle Bhuppi reaches her room. They are however stopped at the last moment by Chaudhary.

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Without thinking much she drops those letters where the boys are held captive. Chaudhary, however, is frightened when Bablu returns, fearing that he will elope with Dimpy.

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Bablu and Dimpy unite with a hug, while Chaudhary and the other people of the Jatt community agree to permit inter-caste and love marriages and Chaudhary accepts Renu back as his daughter. Mohit almost sounds Wajid-ish in this lovely number. Chaudhary holds Bablu and the other two friends captive till they tell of the couple's whereabouts.

Veeeeeeeeerreerrrreeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry niicee songs. Tere Binaa Heropanti Chipmunk Version. Heropanti Theatrical release poster.

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Tere Bina Mustafa Zahid Heropanti. Now whistle, now whistle, ipod music site Mere naal tu whistle baja. Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut.

They manage to stop the bus but when Renu talks back to her father, Chaudhary is heartbroken. In fact, the use of the rock guitar is exemplary here, and the way it is alternated with a piano riff is superb indeed. He keeps a close eye on Bablu and Dimpy.

The friends decide to flee one day, but Bablu gets a glimpse of the girl and stops in his tracks to look at her and the boys are caught because of him. Ki sochega saara zamaana Haath tere main ni aana Dar lagta hai mujhe kar ke bahaana Tune meinu chhad jaana.

Chaudhary and his men bring them over to his place and one of them reveals Bablu's Tiger Shroff name and that he might have an idea where Renu and Rakesh are. This is a youthful and peppy album from Sajid-Wajid. The group returns home and Chaudhary arranges Dimpy's marriage with Rajjo. He plans on conducting the marriage with pomp.

In terms of creativity, this is probably the most accomplished song on this soundtrack. Dimpy finds Renu's love letters in her room one of which reaches her uncle.