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New Era Gems has provided the finest gem rough for many years. The descriptions and names are taken from unused gems, but the damage effect, the visual effects, icon creator full version the stats and the icons are self-made.

The New Crystal Gems

What good is a victory, if one does not evolve? Now, why would Princess Lian give you this bauble? They return to the beach house and revise the group to root out the problem. The first is a damage armor.

Gem of the Incomplete Master

When it fell onto the table, it made a sound - you're quite sure of it. Note the first four lines of the in-game description! That even works on opponents who are otherwise immune to magic. Yet the vapour does not disperse.

Ostracized from his ruthless order, the monk sought new ways to harness the wind without relying upon Closed-Fist chaos. Opponents who come too close take a small amount of fire damage. You may be looking for the group. This gem is the Closed Fist counterpart to the Inner Glow.

For the true art connoisseur make sure to check out our incredibly detailed, masterfully created stone carvings! The object suddenly loses its rigidity and falls right through your hand. Look no further, we also have one of the best, top shelf selection of some of the finest faceting rough, such as amazing Ametrine, beautiful Garnets, Tourmaline, Tanzanite and more! They have built a new one instead to compensate. This gem is given to you as a gift by Princess Lian when you arrive in the Imperial City.

Gem of the Incomplete Master

Beautiful Hand Carved Fossil Coral. You can also send us emails at Neweragems hotmail. The earth cradles those who follow the Way of the Open Palm, lending the strength and endurance of mountains themselves to users of this gem. Yes, it most definitely is a cloud. It was a cool sight to behold to Buck.

Steven explains his adventures through the cosmos but apologizes for leaving Connie behind who does not mind at all and is happier for their safety. We have also chosen a large amount of metaphysical stones such as Ruby, Quartz, Kyanite, Tourmaline and more giving you a variety of stones for any need or occasion! Connie concludes that the group right now should not imitate but be themselves and use their own skills. But if it does, the bad luck of being hit, will be offset by the opportunity to turn the battle around. Open Palm characters will receive this gem as a gift from the Fox Demon Queen upon agreeing to kill the Mother.

Prefer a more natural, raw gemstone? This is a reward for killing Lucky Cho in the Imperial Arena. While the crystal is in Full Resonance you will do large amounts of bonus damage with any style you choose. Cloud Armor, protects from immobilization This gem - if it is indeed a gem - is one of the oddest objects, you have ever seen.

Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy. Tearing winds and the coursing waters test their strength, but the mountains endure. Only followers of the Way of the Closed Fist may use this gem.

This time your fingers meet resistance. Its effect is constant while the gem is equipped.

That means come over here and do a cool pose. But if you do take damage your chances will drop rather sharply. It is surprising solid - hard even - very much like stone. Lapis is not as enthusiastic which Peridot criticizes.

Resonating Crystal Chance that enemies who strike at you, crystallize for a moment. The crystallization only lasts for a few seconds. Flame can destroy, but it can also purify. This gem armor protects its wearer from debilitating effects such as confusion, paralyzation, petrification and the like. Its effects are tied to your alignment.

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Jump into a group of enemies, take them on all at once and make a glorious mess of things. They will change to reflect your specialization.

New Crystal Gems, congregate! You will need a bit of luck for a crystallization to happen. It lands on the table with a distinct clank.

The New Crystal Gems

Given to you as a reward for defeating Jia. Burning Essence channels elemental flame to sharpen the mind of its wearer and to strengthen the ability to channel chi. Greg loves it because it has personality. This gem channels infuses the wearer's mind and spirit with the flame of their anger, burning away weakness until only strength remains.