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Khalid, thank you for the site. His voice touches the not only the heart but the very soul. But please keep on updating it!

It is now our responsibility to preserve this heritage and introduce it to the new generation. Khalid you have really done a great job for making a website for talat lovers. Its a wonderful job done by you, gloriana good night Its not only me but lakhs of your dad's fans across the globe are delighted to see this site.

Westernisation of hindi songs is nothing but a disaster. Can u please repeat those songs. My fascination still continues and now even I like humming Talat Sahab's songs.

An immortal kalam, which remains the pinnacle of romantic Urdu poetry. Please continue this title. The information of next uploading deserves and applaud. Couple of fan letters addressed to him were not even acknowledged.

Shukar hai aapka ke aapne unhe taro taaza rakhne ka saman bana diya. Yesterday my Jijaji sugested to me about ur site and after watching this site I really found it absolutely unforgettable! Every song sung by Talatji is superb, i am an ardent fan of him.

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They must have a lot of class to appreciate a unique combination of melody and poetry, not intended for ordinary people. Talat Sahab with his soft, silken and velvet voice creates a magic which can never fade with time. Truly speaking when I listen to his songs especially in the night it generates a magical atmosphere all around and mind becomes calm and quiet. For his fans Talat has come alive again. When I was growing up, whenever I heard Talatsaab on the Aakashwani, I will stop everything and just listen to that heart touching voice.

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My rich tributes to the Music Legend and sincere prayers for the departed soul. Sung beautifully by Habib Wali Muhammad.

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Those old photos are priceless! Remains one of the best by Mirza Ghalib.

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His voice is ever vibrant and lovable. Please give them in next upload. He had a sore throat and he felt he was not at his best, kept apologising for that but continued. Met him personally in in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We enjoyed the show very much. Khalid Mehmood I found this site interested, for me it is heaven. He is still considered the undisputed King of Ghazal of our times and his concerts hugely missed by Ghazal fans across the world. Khalid Saheb, I want to meet you and hold you in my arms.

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She remains the true diva and icon of ghazals along with Iqbal Bano. He is very grt singer among all singers.

Khalid Bhai, every night I use to hear Talat Saab for a good sleep. What do you intend doing by creating a web site like this? Khalid to tribute the great legend I wish to meet his family specially with you. Allama Iqbal also shared his poems with Daagh in his youth, asking for improvement and advice.

And few more excellent mentions

There are two things I have been totally unable to understand and grasp so far in my life, they are old age and death. Do you have any idea what Talat thought of them? This was in the winters in early eighties. Thank you and all the best.

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Majrooh was a great ghazal writer and lyricist of Indian Movies, and this poem is a testament to this. In this busy materialistic world, we often forget who we were and what our values, likes nad dislikes were. Salute to him from the core of my heart with deep respect. Momin Khan Momin, the greatest match to Ghalib in his era, whom Ghalib appreciated himself too.