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Michael Learns To Rock - Blue Night Lyrics

The band later admitted that they even considered disbanding during this time. Michael Learns to Rock completed touring their home-country Denmark, having played unplugged concerts in February and March with fair success.

The film was filmed in the states of Goa and Punjab. The attendance in the show was unprecedented in the city of Guwahati so far.

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The band also shot footage in and around Kathmandu and during the performance of the song, to include it on the song's music video.

The songs don't belong to a musical wave. We are still busy in the studio. Over the course of the week, they released the titles of the songs slated to be released through their new record.

The same year, Canadian composer Daniel Ingram joined the group. Our fans come to our shows and we still enjoy playing and travelling, so why should we stop?


For the first time, the band recorded and produced the whole album themselves. The verses consist of either one or two couplets and the chorus often contrasts the verse melodically, rhythmically, and harmonically, assuming a higher level of dynamics and activity. Lentz, however, deer wallpaper denies the influence of Michael Jackson on their music. Vocal harmonies also constitute a common feature of their songs.

Michael Learns to RockMichael Learns To Rock - Blue Night Lyrics

Soon after, the band's members took a break to spend time with their families and to develop projects on their own or in collaboration with other performers. We never fitted into these trends.

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The band toured Asia for the first time. Realizing the limitations of playing as a duo, they recruited the guitarist Mikkel Lentz, who was then playing rock music with his group the Rocking Studs. This section does not cite any sources.

The album was also made available in Asia on iTunes. Michael Learns to Rock discography. There's been trip hop, grunge, pop. What seems to be tough then is now our strength.

Michael Learns To Rock - Blue Night Lyrics

The album focused on the Asian market. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sure, I've regretted calling ourselves this many times since, but we were successful so quickly, we had to stick with it and over time I got used to it.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The band has attributed its success in Asia to their drugs-free, clean-living image and to singing in English as a second language.