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Would other people find this useful? Then I should be able to use the standard Gradle plugins for building an application. And yes, the block limit is still in effect, You can only have blocks loaded at once time. Also, if anyone out there knows there stuff when it comes to gradle, help for AbrarSyed would be greatly appreciated.

Got a question about forge and the new update. Just to get an idea of what I'll be facing. In simple terms, how would using these functions effect the integrity of the mod? Then yes no point on working on my own version of ForgePacket.

As I said before, Minecraft has changed a lot. You can however, still play older versions of Minecraft all you want. The next step, I think, is to create a Gradle script that will download Minecraft server and client jars eventually and install them in to a local Maven repo. Expect that you will have to redo all of the packet related stuff. So yes when it comes to packets, thamirabarani mp3 songs tamilwire things will change.

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Which you should have been able to comprehend from the op, this will take a long long time. Where is the right place to discuss this work with other devs? Please add an optional update checker. What can you do to not screw things up?

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Has anyone created a Gradle script to install the downloadable and non-redistributable Jars into a local Maven repository? You can check out that progress over at the ForgeGradle github. Many mod packs are still out there ready to be used!

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Once we hit the stable releases it's usually non-critical updates. Just check the page once a day, or less. So not even any chance for a optional, as in you can choose whether or not to check for updates to change in forge. When I got on today my forge and all mods were gone would this be because of the new update or could it be a bug?

As always you can keep an eye on our progress on our Github. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Which means Mods themselves will take a while to update. This topic is now closed to further replies.

Oh good thing that I haven't written too much networkcode yet. There are new static functions that are basically Block. Also, do you know if there are any planned changes to the Forge packet system?

This is essentially the core functionality of my mod and it would be a shame if I couldn't use these functions. This is nothing to do with Minecraft itself, it's just the automation so you don't need to know anything about minecraft specifically.

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So fear not your enjoyment will continue! There are no plans to ever add in any update checking, or any other call-home style functionality to Forge. However I assure you that we are working on it as best we can. My main issue is that, I am still learnign the basics of Gradle.

It works but has some major flaws always checks the network before running, doesn't build a standalone app that can run without Gradle, etc. We are trying to get Forge out as soon as we can for mods to start, but don't expect any major mods to be updated until possibly December.