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The result is incredible ease of use! Those in italics in the above list appear to offer the greatest potential for practical use. Dual language support in Zomeo Software.

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Hompath Zomeo - Homeopathy Software

Now we have the freedom to compare and choose from all the available homoeopathic data. These options are toggled from icons on the graphic display.

See also Families analysis, below. Archibel has been known throughout the world for more than a decade as a leader in merging state-of-the-art technology with Homeopathy. Searches are indexed, and very fast. Rubrics may be combined either as they are being added from the Repertory view, or later after being collected in a clipboard. It can also improve knowledge with several philosophers and their definitions according to their thoughts.

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Rajan Sankaran, Clarke, Allen etc. Veterinary Repertory by Dr. After being entered, customer details can be used in all parts of the program regardless of whether you are using the Diary module, the Finance module, or you are printing a letter or a prescription. See how Zomeo makes your practice simple.

Screenshots linked from the text illustrate features. Use Zomeo in your language.

Keyboard may be used instead. The program can be used to carry out the entire administration for your practice - from appointments to case histories, from invoices to your annual balance sheet.

Hompath Zomeo - Homeopathy Software

System configurations for Mac Computers. Underlining easily performed. Type fe to go to Mind, fear. Apply strategic repertorization filters.

If a family name is clicked on in this graph, a window will pop up displaying an analysis restricted to that family. Extensive collection of historical repertories Synthesis. Double-click on the book icon accompanying this, and a window opens up displaying a list of rubrics related to the concept of obsessive-compulsive behaviors. The authentic homeopathic reference in zomeo allows you to cross verify and confirm the remedies in repertorization. Reference works is a wonderfully rich analysis system based on a huge library of Volumes.

Value-added Utilities for pet care. How to know if the remedy is working. Type fe to go to fear within the Mind section.

Text-based manuals include a comprehensive manual, a Quick Tour manual, and a Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet. Links to cross-referenced rubrics appear in red, with an arrow icon, following the referring rubric. It works with the method of C. In fact, the program now offers total integration between Clipboard and Analysis.

Ships with extensive manual. The Homeopathy software program is an educational tool. Automate patient files, quick repertory browsing, faster symptom recording, view materia medica with just few clicks.

Concepts files may also be accessed from individual rubrics. Right-click on the rubric, and from the drop-down menu, select Take Rubric. All three of these programs greatly simplify the task of finding and collecting rubrics of both known and unknown wording, over the use of a paper repertory. These are easily referenced from the analysis window of the program. Comparative studies of results obtained from different Repertorization Strategies.

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Many homeopathic educators have discouraged the use of repertory and materia medica software programs until proficiency is developed in using printed-text references. Homeopathy Materia Medica. Compare and confirm remedies from different homeopathic material medica books. Vital Quest is the first ever case-taking software. Work on Zomeo Repertory software using your language.

The Homeopathic Remedy Finder is a user-friendly program that is wonderfully useful to anyone new to homeopathy. Your prescriptions are just a minute away with most accurate data and intuitive tools. These may be opened to any given remedy selected in an analysis, by dragging the name of the remedy from the analysis window to a keynote icon. Search for a word, a phrase, an idea, or a theme.

However, it is my experience that one can suffer a fool with books as easily as with a computer. All in one essential functionality with amazing benefits to repertorize and analyse the cases with ease. MacRepertory saves rubrics lists, analysis graphs, notes and simple visit data in a simple but very straightforward patient file system.


Homeopathy remedy finder is easy now through authentic homeopathic books by best authors. From a search result window, any number of selected rubrics may be imported simultaneously. Optionally, it can also step you through the analysis in a question-and-answer based manner, jay z dynasty album organizing your selection and placement of rubrics to suit the method.