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They have been unanimously supportive of this win-win opportunity. Through my donations, I'm now asking each Center to offer free attendance once a year to our group. Initially, there would be no charge for being a member of this Meetup. An organized event the provides a specific event possibly with unique perks for us by arrangements in advance and usually at a discounted price. And a social Mingling event, either before or after, with refreshments.

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Lastly, and sadly, tours will be strictly limited in size to support our docents and to promote their abilities to adequately communicate and interact with our entire group.

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Food and expenses are on your own. Once it becomes popular, I would plan to charge an annual small fee and at the end of the year, the group vote on what charity we could donate all the membership fees towards. The goal is to get our members to visit these wonderfully unique portals of higher education and enlightenment, and then return with a guest, to continue to share the learning experience.

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