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It is suspected that the Krone tried to shut down the Falter because of its critical reporting of the Krone. The paper also became well known for its featured novels and other innovations, such as games for readers. They claimed that the former vice-president Franz Olah misused the trade union's funds for the purchase of the newspaper, using the German investor as a stooge.

Neue Kronen Zeitung epaper

Marketing strategist Kurt Falk became Dichand's right-hand man, and the Krone developed into one of the most widely read Austrian newspapers. At the beginning of the s the journalist Fritz Molden wanted to buy the paper, but, according to Dichand, the Creditanstalt bank would not give him the necessary credit.

Nevertheless, certain regional differences between eastern and western Austria exist which affect the newspaper. This idea, which was derided by the competition in the beginning, quickly caught on and is very popular today.

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In the Krone sued the Viennese city newspaper Falter for several million Schillings for allegedly having violated the competition laws because of a gaming action.

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However, until the effect of the Kronen Zeitung on Austrian politics, though regarded as extremely strong, had ultimately been indirect. Over the years the paper had been at odds with her and its columnists had aggressively denounced her. One of the most successful campaigns of the newspaper was against the construction of a hydro-electric power plant at Hainburg an der Donau in the s. Since then the majority of printed media in Austria in effect comes from the same company. Kurt Falk himself left the newspaper after a long fight with Dichand in the s.

Kronen Zeitung Epaper

Many observers at that point already spoke of a monopoly. The Falter only barely escaped financial ruin.

The circumstances concerning the purchase of the Kronen by Dichand are shrouded in mystery. This remains the official name, dating activities in nyc but the newspaper refers to itself as the Kronen Zeitung. He refounded the newspaper as the Neue Kronen Zeitung.

When the Kleines Volksblatt subsequently folded, the Krone could not resist poking fun at them for having changed their format in the first place. In short, they took a photo of a Muslim family walking on a European street, and superimposed them on a battle-wrecked background, supposedly Syria.