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Strategies for TzHaar Fight Cave

Many players use Guthan's armour in the early waves Waves as it helps conserve food, and it also has reasonable Defence. If the player gets hit by TzTok-Jad, they should not panic or consume a large amount of food or potions in one go. Although somewhat slow, seek logo vector all of these attacks can deal enough damage to kill even the most prepared player in few hits without the use of correct Protection prayer.

Other godswords are, to a lesser extent, also useful in the Fight Cave. While this means Vengeance can deal a lot of damage, one extremely high-damaging hit can mean the fight is over, especially if the Yt-HurKots are attacking you. Even when the Yt-HurKots appear or the player gets hit, switching prayers is the most important thing to do.

One good tactic is to kill the strong monsters first, and save a Tz-Kek for last to use the special attack on. Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. This can be very helpful as it will conserve a lot of potions. Ice Shadow Earth Champion Fire. However, this weapon fires much faster - just as fast as a shortbow would hit.

This is only a recommended inventory setup and will always vary between each player. If they didn't fully heal Jad originally i. Essentially not worth doing since the armour needed would outweigh the cost of the supplies used and the amount of damage per second you sacrifice outweighs the the amount of defence you're gaining. Another great alternative to both Hybridding and using just one style is Obsidian armour. TzTok-Jad has a maximum hit of at least and hits fairly accurately.

When in melee range, it will use both Magic and Melee attacks. Dragon arrow elder shortbow. Refined Anima Core helm of Sliske. The fire cape, infernal cape and their cosmetically enhanced variants, the fire max cape and infernal max cape respectively, are the only capes to have an animation. Pros This method is cheap and simple.

Against large monsters, this special attack will hit twice. Fill your remaining inventory space with Saradomin brew and super restore flasks. TzTok-Jad's magic attack sound link.

If they manage to heal him to full health, then they should not be killed as they will respawn once he is reduced to half health again. This is done by hiding in the safe spot, hitting Yt-Mejkot, and running back to the safe spot. Although somewhat slow, all of these attacks can deal enough damage in a single blow to kill even the most powerful of players if not guarded by use of the correct protection prayer.

Strategies for TzHaar Fight Cave

It is, however, recommended that the player has at least the following stats before attempting the Fight Cave. However, they could still heal on monsters in later waves to replenish their health when needed.

Strategies for TzHaar Fight Cave

TzTok-Jad is the final monster encountered in the Fight Cave. Refined Anima Core body of Sliske. If you kill these Yt-HurKot, they will respawn when TzTok-Jad is back at half health and heal it again if they had healed TzTok-Jad back to full health before being killed. However, the melee attack can be easily avoided altogether by simply staying out of melee distance.

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After shots are fired, the bow will revert to a crystal seed. The healers that appear when Jad has reached half health can be extremely dangerous, even for void and berserker pures. Autumn Summer Spring Winter. Each of these monsters require a different tactic by the player, though, due to the structure of the activity, most of them are best fought from a distance.

Also, if you kill them while TzTok-Jad's health is under half, they will not respawn again. An easy way to deal with the Yt-HurKots is to attack them once in order to make them attack you, drawing them away from TzTok-Jad. TzTok-Jad will attack with Melee only when the player is adjacent to him.

The player's second priority to kill unless the Tz-Kih is trapped behind an object or monster. Using Super attacks and strengths will greatly speed up the kill. Therefore, a combination of Ranged attacks and Prayer is usually preferred. Use safespots combined with Prayer to fully block their damage. See text for more details.

TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies

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Also, the range of chinchompas when using the rapid attack style is comparable to a crossbow. Changing armours can be difficult for inexperienced players. This is very useful when trying to trap TzTok-Jad when it spawns. When fully charged, it has a Ranged attack bonus surpassing that of the Rune crossbow. Waves are excellent for healing and Meleeing at high Combat level, but Waves can also be used to heal provided the is killed first.

However, Jad can spawn in the middle of the arena, not allowing you to choose when you want to attack. This method is meant for pures only.

It is also two-handed, so no shield can be wielded alongside the spear. This means they will hit hard and often, but can be killed quite easily. The Ranged and Melee attacks of this monster look similar. Attempting to log out a second time will log the player immediately, but the player will have to repeat the interrupted wave. In order to stop them from healing, they need to be hit once so they turn their attention to the player.

TzTok-Jad may be healed to back to full health while killing the healers and they will not respawn. Downsides to using this weapon are that it is two-handed, the bolt racks disappear upon use, and the ammunition costs around gp per bolt rack. The chatbox that opens upon logging back in stalls the monsters from spawning until clicking to continue or by pressing spacebar. Survival depends on watching TzTok-Jad's movements - an emote precedes the attack, telling the player which protection prayer to use. Cons Due to the fact that you're in melee range, that gives Jad another attack style to use making prayer flicking harder.

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This will allow the player to trap monsters and attack them from a distance. This is only recommended for higher level players. Nonetheless, if the player can afford it, it is definitely worth to bring along for the later half of the caves.

If you choose to prioritise ranged attack over ranged defence, it is recommended that you use the above inventory rather than the one below. The final boss of the Fight Cave. In order to do this, the player should click the logout button once.