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Is my sister dating a dangerous man, reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man

Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man

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Stephen begged his sister to end the relationship but she continued seeing him. For months this man strung her along, making her feel like there might be a future with him, all the while he was dating and sleeping with multiple women. They were very sexual and he'd even sent her pictures of his privates. You might have seen one, but you might have missed it.

You will have to pet and stroke his ego almost all the time to make him happy. All she wanted to do was find her soulmate. And while they lack any depth of higher level emotion, they make it their business to observe it in others.

With a Nigerian man, it is never certain that you will be the only woman in his life. She would later find out that he has been arrested dozens of times and has a long history of domestic violence. Men like this can not be cured through science or healed through prayer. Then, a Nigerian man is not the man you should marry.

They often consider these things as cheesy and unnecessary. It is also no doubt that these men are very rare to come by in Nigeria.

Now he wants her example to help ensure it never happens again. If you marry a Nigerian man, you will probably end up as the less important voice in the home rather than as the partner you are to him. It will always be your fault, even if you end up penniless, or worse, six feet buried in the dirt. This post will not be about judging my friend. You are an object, and objects can be replaced.

This will be about how a sociopath can come into your life and convince you that up is down and down is up and will suck you dry and leave to latch on to the next victim. Sociopaths are masters of disguise and students of deception. Some prefer to show off the wealth they do not possess by living way beyond their standards.

This could have easily been you. As crazy and dysfunctional as his actions reflected, my friend continuously questioned her sanity. The year-old was jailed for a minimum of and-a-half years after he admitted murder in July last year. After stabbing Sharon, Hawke had a beer before calling the police.

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Before you turn your nose up at this girl I want you to understand something. He could explain and lie his way out of everything, and for a time, she desperately wanted to believe him. In Nigeria, some men believe men are entitled to as many women as they can handle and so, they are free to marry more than one wife or have affairs with other women. Take a deep breath and just get the ball rolling.

You are truly a wonderful sister to look after her well being. And now Stephan, from Wirral, Merseyside, short films about online dating is determined that his sister's death will not in vain.