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No further action was taken. The Musical, Hof revealed that he only dated prostitutes. The memoir includes personal accounts from women who worked for him, in which they detail sexual abuse at his hands. She was always going for the dirty words.

She was always going

This is sadistic behavior, and it is both unrecognized and denied. Hof endorsed Ron Paul in the and presidential elections. Hof said he hired Phillips in after she said she was a big fan of the series and wanted to work at the ranch and be on the show.

The report shows that Phillips was shot, stabbed and slashed multiple times. However, in an emergency motion before the Federal District of Nevada, Hof prevailed in a First Amendment claim against the county. The accusations were similar to statements made in Hof's own memoir by former Hof employees Krissy Summers and Cami Parker, who noted abusive behavior and coerced sexual encounters in the brothel. He once stated that he communicated with Carlson daily to give him ideas for his show.

The Musical Hof revealedThe report showsHowever in an emergency motionNo further action was taken

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The accusations were similar