Intercultural Dating Unforeseen Challenges and Expectations

Intercultural Dating Unforeseen Challenges and Expectations


Intercultural dating definition, intercultural marriage making it work

Marriage Unique for a Reason. In these cultures, people may be highly distractible, focus on several things at once, and change plans often. Different cultures seem to approach body language, and emotion with varying degrees and meanings. It has been suggested that Cross-cultural communication be merged into this article. Any one of the problems may be more important for specific relationships.

The Advantages of an Intercultural Relationship

These are fluid and often contextual. For example, a handshake in one culture may be recognized as appropriate, whereas another culture may recognize it as rude or inappropriate. Yet people often suspect that such marriages will not be as stable as same or inter cultural marriages.

Intercultural Marriage Making It Work

If you have a romantic interest whose cultural foundation differs from yours, honestly and frequently communicating your experience as an individual, apart from your society, can help bridge the gap. In live classes, we often spend an entire day just on these, with video application! Still yet, his family questioned the possibility of lost culture and the many more challenges of intercultural marriage.

Brief Summary of Some of the Literature. Older couples who have been married for decades, especially. There are two main types of systems theory. The theory was drafted in the s, long before Facebook.

But with a bit of effort and understanding, both of you can stand the test of time, and live happily ever after irrespective of all the differences. Gudykunst lists some specifics to this theory, which, as you have probably noticed, permeates his text from beginning to end. When things are happening in the family, I have to wait to understand their customs and traditions. The idea is that often, as opposition grows against the relationship, the relationship must grow stronger to stand up against it. One aspect of the theory is how relationships grow over time our ability to negotiate our own anxiety and uncertainty.

Obstacles to a Healthy Marriage Lifelong marriage is still the ideal. The media are influential in what we think of other cultures and gaay what we think about our own selves. Note presence of this type of strategy in the axioms.

However, Gudykunst defends the theory against this charge, noting that there is a balance between heurism and practical utility. This especially holds true since systems always work within an environment, from which they receive input! In what ways did race and culture not matter?


Resilience, on the other hand, includes having an internal locus of control, persistence, tolerance for ambiguity, and resourcefulness. Becky Wang relies on actions when words fail her in relating to her Chinese mother-in-law, dating websites in greece who does not speak much English. Encouragement and Enrichment Good marriages can always be made better!

The same principle applies to dating. What are your thoughts on intercultural dating? Hierarchy suggests each system is composed of smaller systems subsystems and makes up a part of some larger system suprasystem.

In this instance there is opportunity for miscommunication between two or more parties. That is, while both prejudice and cultural difference may be at play in both types of relationships, it seems that one type will have more of one, and one more of the other. As for careers in different cultures, kenya free there are a variety of expectations for each partner.


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  • We were thrown into the deep end pretty fast.
  • Intercultural Communication Praxis Model requires us to respond to someone who comes from a different culture than us, in the most open way we can.
  • We suffered through a shared plate of Nigerian food, as tears ran down our faces from the spices.
  • Minor variations in body language, speech rhythms, and punctuality often cause differing interpretations of the situation among cross-cultural parties.
  • Extended family is an essential value for Mexican Americans, he explained.

My boyfriend rolled down his window as ordered. Planning a Catholic Wedding. Thus, the theory suggests, culture, ethnicity, and roles become much less important as the relationship gets deeper. Their spouse knows how to navigate both the culture of their own race as well as the mainstream majority culture in America.

For this, his mother was ice cold. But ironically, I was black, not biracial, just black, with a really hot flat iron and a skin tone that reflected the historical raping of my slave owned ancestors. Compare and contrast the different explanations presented on the webpage. In what ways were things different? The diversity of values, priorities and attitudes can add additional stress as you try to maneuver around the tangles of doubts and expectations.

Some cultures give rise to more challenges when it comes to intercultural dating. This is where nonverbal communication can cause problems with intercultural communication. In terms of intercultural communication there are language barriers which are effected by verbal forms of communication.

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Intercultural Dating Unforeseen Challenges and Expectations

This model will help you understand who you are as an individual, and how you can better communicate with others that may be different from you. Navigating those differences depend on the effort both of you take to communicate, as an individual, and as a partner. The meaning of trust and how it is developed and communicated vary across societies. Aside from language, intercultural communication focuses on social attributes, thought patterns, and the cultures of different groups of people.

In this sense it seeks to understand how people from different countries and cultures act, communicate and perceive the world around them. The bottom line is not the color of skin in a marriage, according to Deacon Harold Burke Sivers, completely free dating site no an international speaker and author on family life and spirituality. These differing habits can lead to pressure very early in the relationship.

Intercultural communication

Time orders life, and people tend to concentrate on one thing at a time. My skin was closer in pigment to my friend Jenny than to any of the dark brown Nigerians roaming the house. And this matters the utmost to me. What happens to or with one affects all of the others. The reason I am providing it is so that you can have some insight into what might be done to counsel friends in intercultural relationships or better understand your own.

Much work by Mary Jane Collier finds that different ethnic groups in the U. The bottom line in any relationship is that you will face obstacles, whether from external or personal pressures. They are college-educated and have two jobs.

Intercultural Relationships - 5 Thoughts to Remember

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The ability to communicate, negotiate and effectively work with people from other cultures is vital to international business. Her husband, Dennis, is Chinese American, and she is from a white family. Journal of Engineering Education.

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Intercultural Relationships 5 Thoughts to Remember

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Intercultural Dating Unforeseen Challenges and Expectations

The Advantages of an Intercultural Relationship
  1. His mother struggled with finding housing and consistent work, his father was struck with a disability and now lives in a nursing home, and his sister suffers from a mental illness.
  2. Some churches, for example, if a missionary finds a spouse on the mission field, will move the couple to a new culture that is not the first culture of either partner.
  3. Click here to listen to the entire Dating Criteria Playlist.
  4. Are you experiencing the confusing complexities of an intercultural relationship?
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