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Programs Water Resources Permit Prog. Improvements made to this version of the software include bug fixes to the bridge scour calculators and the addition of a project mapping module. Travel Information How Do I? Residents in My Community Get travel information and find projects in your area.

Water Project Showcase Showcase View. They are being made available to consultants who have contracts with the Department for use with those contracts. FlowMaster Data Sheet View.

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HydrauliCAD AutoCAD water system hydraulic analysis software

Please enable scripts and reload this page. Added user options for scour hole computations and improved the plotting of bridge geometry and scour results. Interested in finding out more about this application? Added an option for the user to specify a depth for long-term channel degradation. Changed the calculator to perform computations as a bridge scour project instead of individual bridge scour components.

Fixed an issue where density was not properly converted in the contraction scour interface. Download and Installation Windows Click on hydrsetup. You should now have a shortcut to hydr on your desktop and in the start programs folder.

View detailed tables, reports, rating curves, and more, that show results of the hydraulic calculations performed. It also allows ground photos to be attached to each analysis location, as needed or desired.

Input and Result Attributes in AutoCAD

You can accept this default or change the folder name. User's Manual for Hydraulic Programs. Quickly perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of hydraulic element types, from pipes and open channels to inlets and weirs. FlowMaster Solve-for-anything hydraulic toolbox. Updated the code so it is easier to interpret and performed general maintenance and software updates.

Structures Geotech Hydraulics Safety and Management. Capabilities Calculate hydraulics Quickly perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of hydraulic element types, microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0 provider from pipes and open channels to inlets and weirs.

The program allows a user to perform and save hydraulic calculations in one project file, analyze multiple scenarios, and create plots and reports of these analyses. These programs will not convert English units to metric units or metric units to English units. The programs have also been modified to use either English or metric units. The Department also retains the right to revise, replace, or terminate the use of these programs at any time. You no longer have to be an administrator to do the installation.

The application of this software is the responsibility of the user. There are no expressed or implied warranties. Government Learn about public programs, policies and procedures.

HY-8 Culvert Hydraulic Analysis Program

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