How do I hook up car subwoofers in my home

How do I hook up car subwoofers in my home


How do i hook up car subwoofers in home, can i use car subwoofer with my home system

Step 2 Choosing an Amp and Speaker

How should I connect my subwoofer to those two channels? This will come with a huge power wire, a short ground wire, a remote wire, quotes and many times an inline fuse and various connectors to help keep the install organized and looking clean. This is my daily work truck and I'm looking for an amp or amps that could bring out the potential in these speakers.

Just set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays and your system will play safely for a long time. It'll power your speakers and sub from one compact chassis. Did you really need to quote that entire post in your reply?

How to hook up a car subwoofer to your computer or home theater system

This is especially true of speakers since they are passive devices. Do not turn up the volume or gain too high or you may produce clipping in the subwoofers. Our customers were recording studios, nightclubs, and touring bands. As an alternative, you could wire each sub to a set of output terminals.

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How to Hook up a Powered Subwoofer with Pre-Out - Hook up a Subwoofer

Hopefully this makes sense and thank you! Will that run the subs even and proper? Brand names and model numbers work best.

Can you help me out with a wiring diagram? If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the gear by brand names and model numbers. So your small box subwoofer which sounds great in a vehicle with accentuated low bass may not sound nearly as good without this effect.

How do I hook up car subwoofers in my home

Richard, If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the equipment by brand names and model numbers. The meters on the converters will tell you when you're pushing your luck. As for a diagram, I can point you to our Amplifier wiring diagrams. Can you recommend other subs that would pair well with my Kicker Amp?

How do I connect subwoofers and amps to a home stereo system? Seeing as both companies make excellent subwoofers, and the specs on the subs are identical, I leave it to you to choose which one. There is nothing saying car subwoofer can't be used, and used well, for home audio, but some are more appropriate for this than others.

How do i hook up subs in my car Luxury hookup

Or does it supply each with w? Is this article up to date? What is the best way to completely install these subs with this amp? Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Upgrades are vehicle-specific underseat.

Bridging refers to combining adjacent amplifier channels together, like in the diagram, and doesn't apply to subs or speakers. But a lower impedance also means more stress on the amp. First I burnt a surround sound amp by connecting the subwoofer. Could you possibly provide a diagram of this to help me?

If so how should i wire it? If you bought your amp from Crutchfield, you could call Tech Support for free help troubleshooting your system. Can the impeadance of either sub be wired to change the value. Any idea what's going on here? Maybe a better solution for you would be to parallel wire eight speakers together and get a one-ohm load.

Find one of the lines with four pin, white molex connectors and then find the last connector on the chain. Fold out the paperclip so it's like one big arc like a narrow C shape. Can you point me towards the best diagram for wiring up this subwoofer to my amp? Would running in stereo make the amp run hotter?

Long story short, buy a dedicated home theatre sub amp, birds of they are cheap and for what you need put out enough power. How many watts of an amp would I need? My main concern was my amp could not handle.

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Is this something i can easily fix? This is the most affordable way to install an amp and subwoofer to your car or truck. Please visit our Support page to find the help you need.

No Diagram Available

And would this be a good subwoofer for the amp? Would these items work well together? You need to re-set the amplifier's gain, with the bass control at the highest setting you use, dating in pakistan so no distortion can ever play.

  1. If there is a switch on the inverter you will also make sure it is in the on position.
  2. Hooking up a passive sub to my computer.
  3. Wonder what amp you had in the car for it if the home audio amps Cheap brand is expensive.
  4. Originally Posted by lemonslush.
  • Hooking up newer subwoofer to old phono receiver for turntable.
  • If you want a question answered about a system, it's best that you identify the gear by brand names and model numbers.
  • Once you have taken the time to wire everything up so that the head unit turns on and the fuse to the cigarette lighter hasn't blown then you can move on with out worry.
  • If it is, and the amp's going into protection mode, then either something's wrong with the wiring or the amp.
  • The only thing you have to worry about is if it provides enough power for your particular amp.

Installing Subwoofers in a Car

When you install a subwoofer, it provides balance and power to your car stereo system. Shows you how to add an amplifier and subwoofer to any car stereo without changing out your stock car radio saves money. In this instructable, I will show you the whole process of installing an amplified subwoofer into a car. If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the gear by model numbers as well as brand names. Or any other subwoofer's, preferably inches that would be good for this amp.

Run the remaining wire under the cars carpeting or through a wire channel, if there is one. You now need to take the stereo head unit out. Knowing that the outputs are wired in parallel internally, I wasn't sure if it would cut it in half since they have to now share?

Congratulations on the enthusiastic hard work of both the author and the many contributors to this instructable. So if someone had a solution please help. They actually pay me to ramble on, rant, and explain the things I love about music, electronics, and getting good sound. This is only for people who are extremely bored.

Can I use car subwoofer with my home system

Need help hooking up the subwoofer to my sound bar. Need help hooking up subwoofer to sony str-dh reciever. If you're running two subs from one amp, hook each up separately. The amplifier sees the same load on its outputs and the subwoofers receive the same amount of power.

Hooking a car subwoofer to home system

How to Convert a Home Subwoofer into a Car Audio Subwoofer
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