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Hookup fishing forum, what s going on

  • It was in the kelp beds off Fort Ross, in an inflatable two person yak, catching cabazone and blue cod.
  • Cane toad is decent, but man does it rip really easily, I can only catch fish before its nose cone is useless for rigging.
  • That would depend on whose rod they are attached to.
  • Cabeza de Martillo Sea Lion.
  • Probly wont get on the water till friday or later.

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Hookup fishing forum

Kauai hookup

That being said I am partial to Bronzeye, cause I have more of them in my tackle box and they are easier to come by here in S. Then, when you see a boil, react slowly, let the bait diappear, and then set it hard. Display as a link instead. Winner of nothing but goodtimes with good friends. Announcements Read This Before Posting!

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If your good at delaying hookset and not getting to excited, hard to do by the way, your hook up ratios go way up.

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Slow pitch jig for salmon. If you have only fished one frog, you have no comparison so don't feel you have to pick one if that is all you have fished. The real problem are that the soft bodied frogs such as the Bronzeeye don't collapse enough to stick a bass with the hook. Paste as plain text instead. Cheers, godly dating rules -Alex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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Use the external rattles to make extra sound. Support the site by making a donation. All of the different styles of frogs require a certain amount of experience to understand the techniques necessary for best hook up percentages. Coastal Mendocino has been blowing.


Reply to this topic Start new topic. Although, I also felt some of my motorcycle riding skills were useful on the yak. It seemed like I missed more fish with the softbodies especially when they blow up on the lure. Look slightly off to the side, dating a musician advice keeping the bait in your sight.

What frog has the highest hookup ratio? Both the Hookup and the Fishing Report should go in the same thread. Thought it was weird that I could only see general public hookups. Well I've just recently started fishing from a kayak.

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It will really increase your hook-ups. If you plan on fishing a hollow plastic frog put a few bb's on it, just enough so it doesn't sink. Awesome experience, both from a paddling standpoint and the beauty of the place. In keeping with the new theme. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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  1. How's that for my first post?
  2. Some previous canoe and kayak experience.
  3. The first is viewable by the general public.
  4. Use a heavy action, long rod with braided line.

The type of frog doesn't seem to matter to my hookup success. So that's why I couldn't see the hookups board. For those that like the swimming frogs, best dating sites buzzfeed use the proper length hook and put the hook bend between the legs and then skin hook the point into the back.

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One trick I've used lately with good success is to not look directly at the frog while you're fishing it. Either way, thank you for your efforts on keeping this forum running like a well-oiled machine. Those are the best three frogs for me.

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