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And crews who wish to shape their route with a weather forecast in mind cherish this ability. Deciding which weather forecast products to use and sorting out how to get them when independent of shore is of course a very large subject.

You may be on passage to the Iberian Peninsula, either eastbound from the Azores, nearing the end of your Atlantic Crossing, or while sailing across the Bay of Biscay. My only minor criticism is that it would be nice to have a second volume for sailors who perhaps plan to sail much further.

Understanding how current

Reeds Weather Handbook an essential pocket-sized guide contains all the necessary tools to predict the weather for both coastal day sailing and longer passages offshore. Note the line of sea breeze cloud over the coast.

The links below and always visible in the Left Hand Sidebar. It means being able to decide where we want to be if bad weather is expected and getting there in good time. You may well have some weather products already available to you if e.

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This free software was developed by Jim Corenman who is the author of Airmail. It works on two levels- as a straight read it makes a complex subject much easier to understand and will help the yachtsman make better read safer decisions.

European Weather Forecasts

Not fully satisfactory for the typical cruising sailor. Well, imagine you are cruising just about anywhere in Europe. All external links were live i n January but advice to the contrary is always welcome.

Understanding marine weather forecasts and about weather at sea are both essential to safety of vessels and their crews, especially those of sailing yachts and leisure motor boats. The detail and indexing also makes the book a very useful reference book. It is better to be in port wishing you were at sea than being at sea wishing you were in port.

And so your challenge becomes one of understanding, from the varied forecast products you can potentially obtain, which ones you would prefer to use and then how to fetch them. The advantages of using such a receiver are that it uses milliamps and is therefore typically left on for extended periods of time, just as a Navtex receiver is used. Understanding how current and forthcoming weather will affect our sailing requires keen powers of observation, common sense and experience.

And so your challenge becomesReeds Weather HandbookThis free software was developed byThe advantages of using