Historical Tiles DELFTWARE TILES

Historical Tiles DELFTWARE TILES


Dating dutch tiles, hans van lemmen

Some discolouration to the glaze. It is hand painted in varying shades of Cobalt Blue, showing a stylised flower within a triple bordered diamond shape, with additional corner motifs. Please check out my web site too and tell me how you feel. It also provides some history into delftware production over the years, dating obgyn and the processes used.

How to Identify Delft Pottery

Our suggestion is that if you can get a copy of the book, read up on delftware and get familiar with your pieces. After going over a few of the blog posts on your web page, I honestly like your technique of writing a blog. Some examples are shown below. It may be blistered, pitted, or chipped and worn away at the edges, revealing the brown clay body beneath. You also find special borders, which can give a relative clear indication to the place of production.

Delft Tiles
Decorating the surface

How to Identify Antique Dutch Tiles

We don't know if we will be able to offer the book for sale again in the future. Starting from the Chinese accolade was also used as border in different typs. Therefore they were also heavy and resistent. Appraisal values for Delft pottery or Deflt-Ware depend on a few basic specific factors, including age, provenance, size and condition. Wear consistent with age and use.

From the s on, Dutch tile makers and their marks were well-documented. Surface Decorations The earliest Dutch tiles were crudely painted in one color, blue, upon the white enameled surface. Great article on the history of Dutch tiles. Rare tiles command the highest prices, but with few exceptions, the names of most historical ceramicists are unknown. The history of Delft tiles goes back to the early s when blue and white porcelain from China first arrived in the Netherlands.

Pair of carved columns that have been left barely sketched and without polychrome or gilding on the back something that would indicate their were part of a church altarpiece. Decorative scenes were sketched on paper. Examples of related items from our Price Guides. Fully Insured Global Deliveries.

Dutch homes used tiles generously round chimneypieces and stoves, in kitchens, and decorating hallways or stairs. Pretty souvenirs from Holland or other decorative objects are produced in droves. Edinburgh local history articles.

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Delft Kitchen and Fireplace Tiles

  1. This is a amazing set of Dutch blue handmade ceramic tiles.
  2. Pricking through the outlines with a pin created a stencil, or pricked transfer, called a spons.
  3. Maker's Marks From the s on, Dutch tile makers and their marks were well-documented.
  4. This grand English house featured Dutch decorative arts when William of Orange was king.
  5. The kwaart, which melted into a clear transparent layer, made the colours look clear and brigth and the surface shining.

Historical Tiles DELFTWARE TILES

That process did'nt change hardly until today. Their work included tiles in vivid colors of blue, green, purple, yellow-orange and an orange-like brown. Tiles were coloured in yellow, orange, blue, green, red, violet and white, so-called polychrome tiles. Shipping costs are calculated based on carrier rates, delivery distance and packing complexity.

White Ceramic Candle Holders. The characteristic cobalt blue decoration fused into the opaque white surface during a second firing. One of the best on-line experiences I have had.

The vast majority of these are often accurate and fine reproductions of specimens found in Museums or fine private collections and very desirable by collectors, even though some may be fairly recent. Call for shipping quote to Alaska and Hawaii. These antique French Delft marks are also tabulated and explained in our Ceramics marks guides.

How to Identify Delft Pottery

Delft blue tiles not always blue not always from Delft

Delft Kitchen and Fireplace Tiles

From the midth century the blue painting of tiles became more and more popular so-called monochromy, according to the taste of the early baroque time. Online references can help research manufacturer marks. Historic kitchens - visiting with eyes wide open. Please see details of the condition for each tile within the description and also the images. We receive many, many inquiries to help people identify and value their delftware.

  • Then a bag of charcoal dust was rubbed through the pinholes onto the glaze.
  • Pair of Delft Wall Plaques, landscapes, rectangular, one as-is.
  • Buyer Protection Guaranteed.
  • The latter ones connected geometric pattern of crosses or stars renaissance motifs.

Polychrome tiles

Tiles and tile pictures were exported between the midth century and the midth century. Collateral to the changes of the colour the overglaze changed, too. All other shipments will be quoted. You can search through completed transactions, although having a narrow search criteria is the most important factor. The best way to learn the value of a piece of delftware is to look for similar items on eBay.

Call us with any questions. View Similar Items View More. In later Delft tiles, glaze was sometimes added over the enamel.

Identification and Price guides for Antiques & Collectibles

Shipping methods are determined by item size, type, fragility and specific characteristics. Starting from already archway- and baluster-borders were used. Tiles often had an ornamental edge with a dedication. Usually it is a result of the passion displayed in the article I read. The glaze is more crackled, with colour variations in the white, and there may be indentations where the tiles were held in place by nails in the early stages before firing.

The enameled surface feels smooth, but not glassy. Since the tile raw material was made as a rule on a tile press. Photograph licensing as described on this page.

One very large and four large Delft plates. This type of border looks like a square put on one corner, studio bagel speed surrounded by jags. Feel free to suggest a topic that would suit HomeThingsPast. You may like our companion site - OldandInteresting.

Easy & Visual methods to Identify & Appraise Antiques & Collectibles

Showcase antique Dutch Delft tiles

The centre floral pattern is then hand painted in polychrome enamel colours. Approximately since the jagged rombig border diamond appeared more frequently. Fair to Good Antique Condition. In contrast, moving from casual modern Delft tiles are glazed. Other birdcages and bigger pictorial panels are set in expanses of plain off-white tiling.

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Hans van Lemmen

Here a choise of typical borders. This article has really peaked my interest. The same goes for the oval around the central motif, which was even seldom used. Some times both colours can be found on one tile, whereby the earliest exemplars, starting from the midth century, us military dating are quite rare look fig. Some examples are Polychrome i.

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