Knife Manufacturer Specific Resources & Research

Knife Manufacturer Specific Resources & Research


Dating a buck knife, buck knife dating system

How to Tell the Manufactured Date of Buck Knives

Robeson Knife Image Gallery. Never been sharpened but has been used with original sheath. Schrade Uncle Henry Knives.

Cattaraugus Handle Materials. Case Classic Pattern Guide. The Canal Street Cutlery Story. Hoyt and his son Al moved to San Diego and set up shop as H. Cattaraugus Blade Abbreviations.

Remington Knife Handle Materials. Case Knife Discussion Board. Glossary of terms About Blade Steel. Knife Mechanic's Swap Forum. Remington Knife Discussion Board.

How Old is My Buck Knife - Buck Knives OFFICIAL SITE

Cattaraugus Knife Numbering System. Remington's Knife History. Canal Street Knife Image Gallery.

How to Tell the Manufactured Date of Buck Knives


All About Pocket Knives - Home Page

  • Unsual Cut Rite knife Schrade switchblade celluloid - repair, remold, or replace with a different material Henckels Origin of Unusual Vintage?
  • Case's Knife Numbering System.
  • Shop For Canal Street Knives.
  • Need an affordable and effective way to buy and sell knives online?

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All About Pocket Knives

Case Classic Handle Slab Variations. Blade Abbreviations Used by W. Robeson Knife Discussion Board. Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife. Schrade Open Stock Knives.

Knife Manufacturer Specific Resources & Research

Schrade Specific Discussion Board. Schrade Knife Image Gallery. Illustration of pocket knife parts Blade Shapes and Descriptions.

Queen Cutlery Discussion Board. Canal Street Cutlery Numbering System. Queen Knife Image Gallery.

Shop For Remington Knives. Straight Razor Collector's Forum. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Chinese Factory Manufactured Knives. Remington Knife Image Gallery.

Al Buck revolutionized the knife industry in with the infamous Model Folding Hunter. Remington Pocket Knife Tang Stamps. Muller pocket knife Any information on this knife? Robeson Knife Numbering System.

Remington's Numbering System. Mint Verses Everything Else. Case Classic Knife Discussion Board. The History of Queen Cutlery. Camillus Knife Image Gallery.

Buck Knives - OFFICIAL SITE - Hunting and Tactical Knives
  1. Shop For Case Classic Knives.
  2. Whittling And Wood Carving.
  3. Colonel Coon Knife Collector's Guide.
  4. Knife Repair and Restoration.
  5. Customized Factory Knives.
  6. Detecting Counterfeit Knives.

Case Classic Knife Image Gallery. Most Recent Newsworthy Developments. Canal Street Cutlery Discussion Board.

Cattaraugus Bolster Variations. Remington Bullet Knife Patterns. By used I mean you can see light scratches on the blade and its never been cleaned. All this time I thought it was a model number.

Robeson Knife Tang Stamps. Remington Pocketknife Shields. This country has become more about sub-groups than about it's unity as a nation.

Knife Blades Used by Case. Camillus Cutlery Discussion Board. Knife Blades Used by Case W. Visit our getting started page now for more details!

Buck Knife Dating System

Cattaraugus Pattern Number Guide. Knife patttern no number on tang View All Knife Discussions. Mike Hoover puts stone slabs on a knife!

The Construction of a Case Knife. It would be C steel blade. Access Your Seller Dashboard. Japanese Knife - Circa Need help on Tang stamp! Case Knife Handle Materials.

How to Date a Case Knife

How much would it be worth as well? Forged on the anvil of discipline. Military Related Knives And Tools.

Buck date chart - All About Pocket Knives

All About Pocket Knives is a knife related resource center for buying, selling, researching, and discussing all things knives. General Off Topic Discussion. Case Classic Shield Variations. Traditional Pocketknives Come Full Circle.

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