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Take some time to browse and find a song you love. Peter did what we really love.

While this site may not be the most exciting visually, there are many advantages to using Ihonhon, or at least keeping the home page bookmarked. Still, the posts are very short for novices. As a Chinese people in Aus, I found lots of people struggling with listening or downloading Chinese music or movies. FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos. Listening to Chinese music is a great way to learn Chinese.

10 Best Website to Download Chinese Music for Free

On its website, Migu Music is described as being the music portal of China Mobile. Could you please prolong them a bit from next time? From China to other countries, you can find any music video you like. We will meet a new Baidu Music in one year. All words have carefully written definitions and examples that will help you understand how a word is used.

Sogou music is music channel of Sohu. All you have to do is type in the song name you like, its huge music pool offers almost all Chinese songs you love. And to make that thing happen this website provide option to listen music using inbuilt online music player first before downloading it.

10 Best Website to Download Chinese Music for Free

Many Chinese song lovers hope to find some sites to listen to Chinese music for free. Some of the featuring categories of this website are recommended, Top, Singer, Album, Good, songs and Featured. You can tap on any word to instantly look it up.

Many of these songs do not contain any real lyrics, so you might be wondering how this site can even help you with your language learning. Of course, you can download the application both on your mobile and desktop. How to create wedding card? Why is this so great for you?

10 Best Website to Download Chinese Music for Free

Ever heard of sites where you can download full albums, movies and other media for free? Even better news, these sites still let you listen to music for free. Or you could possibly be around the fourth line, feeling things out causing all of a sudden in November, bang, the coach supplies you with home. Soso Music allows users to discover songs through its search box and then lots of song resource links are listed in the results. Male, Female or Duets, take your pick!

How Stair Lift Technology Works. So go ahead, be as stalker-ish as you want. If you have any trouble with it, send email to me. It offers you music massive music and popular songs online for you to download.

What it lacks in quantity in songs, it makes up for in simplicity. Artist can promote their new songs on this board by post a short video. Its users can almost find any music they like. For one, the site is very easy to navigate.

Ninchanese Blog

Ninchanese Blog

New album release Take the first listening to the latest music and choose your music taste according to the category singers, countries, and genres. Partnerships Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? Just scroll your mouse down and take look at the list which you all will find worthy. Plus songs often use repetition, which helps the words stick with you even more.

Users can choose their favorite songs on its song list and play online. You can listen to songs or play popular songs listed on its interface.

Special Event In this section, the website editor will publish some special topic of a certain artist, maybe it is an interview or a playlist from this artist. FluentU App Browse Screen. You can find something you like and get the song free download.

How to download Facebook videos online? Now this site is all about music! As far as music is concerned, they even list annual sales charts of albums from the previous year based on Western charts, Mandarin charts and other charts from places all over the world. The amount of user may not be the most in China, but NetEase Music has a group of loyal fans. It has got a collection of thousands of Chinese songs for you to download.

10 Best Website to Download Chinese Music for Free

The main motive of this website is to provide the best music to the user. Both also let you listen to streaming music for free and filter by location and language.

Top 10 Sites to Listen to Free Chinese Music OnlineAnd One More Thing

They can listen to music online or download songs by several clicks. It provides updated original music, songs and brilliant radio programs. There are no geographical restrictions and people from any corner of the world can listen to its songs.

They are very convincing and can definitely work. Join the conversation Cancel. One of the most efficient and fun ways to learn song lyrics before you try your hand at karaoke is with FluentU. Then you will enjoy almost all of the songs for free Because they already pay the fee to the publisher and make it free to users in order to get the traffic.

Now that you have almost two dozen sites to stream and download music from, what are you waiting for? Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well?

This is another awesome website to download Chinese songs. There are several websites from where you can download Chinese music for free. Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Migu Music is the music portal owned by China Mobile, splash player for windows 7 the largest communication network provider in China. Here are a few more sites to try out!

15 Awesome Sites to Download Chinese Songs