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Within the communes of Serralunga d'Alba and Monforte d'Alba is a compact, sandstone based soil dating from the Helvetian epoch. Both companies are strongly committed to innovation and play a leading role in the plastics industry. Novolen has developed a new generation of high performance metallocene catalysts for the production of a comprehensive range of homopolymer and copolymer products available for immediate license. At harvest time, rains and downy mildew are two of the main hazards to worry about, along with early spring hail damage earlier in the growing season.

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By the time Oudart turned up in Alba, King Carlo Alberto and Cavour were already following Staglieno's guidelines and both were producing dry wines. Modern winemakers tend to favor smaller barrels of new oak that need only a couple years to soften the tannic grip of the wines. This region tends to produce wines with more perfumed aromas and velvety textures.

Also in La Morra is the highly esteemed Cerequio and Rocche vineyards. The decline in fruit would no longer be able to balance the remaining harsh tannins, leaving a bitter, astringent wine with withered fruit.

Further upstream north, located in the v-shape spur between the two tributaries is the commune of Castiglione Falletto.

For wines labeled Barolo Riserva, five years of total aging is required with at least three of those years in oak. In the s, individual proprietors began estate bottling and producing single vineyard wines from their holdings. The Central Valley to the west includes the communes of Barolo and La Morra with soils higher in clay, manganese and magnesium oxide. Rather than fall into one hardline camp or the other, many producers take a middle-ground approach that utilizes some modernist techniques along with traditional winemaking. In the Barolo and La Morra zone, the soils are similar to those found in the Barbaresco zone, dating from the Tortonian period, being composed of calcareous marl that is more compact and fertile.

To empirically link this to anthropogenic global warming is speculative. Separated by a narrow valley to the west is the commune Monforte d'Alba located in the Monforte hills. In Castiglione Falletto is the Monprivato and Villero vineyards.

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