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He was a great coach, a great disciplinarian. At the time everyone was wearing them. First thing learned to cook It had to be spaghetti.

First piece of clothing ever bought It has to be shoes. Looking back, it was a blessing to be given the chance to travel overseas and to compete on the international stage.

He was a great coach a

He was not only a coach but also an athletics director and I really appreciate the role he played in my career for my first four years in the sport. The motivation during that first ever long jump competition was that whoever jumped the farthest was bought a Coca-Cola. It was a really good car, but it was a write-off with the damage sustained in a hurricane.

She was a cocker spaniel mix. That was my dream, so I was so happy to accomplish that feat.

The motivation during that first

First car My first ever car was a hand-me-down Oldsmobile Bravada given to me by my sister. First sporting hero Jackie Joyner-Kersee three-time Olympic champion for her passion and drive to compete.

Seven-time global champion Brittney Reese has been the most dominant long jumper of her generation. Olympic Trials to qualify for the Summer Olympics in Beijing. Once I had this goal in mind, nothing was going to stop me.

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She would always do whatever it took to win. He was a great guy and a real father figure to all the girls he coached.

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At the time everyone was wearing