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Put those elements together with exotic-sounding modal melodies and you end up with a combination that is pretty hard to beat. Abdessamad Mawhoub - Yama Lehabiba.

Amar Magbal - Rabeh Ahsasy. Ahmed Shakr - Saelny Ellil.

Ahmed Faleafel - Matearefhash. Electronic Folk International. They know how to turn up the tempo too! Bassman Al Khteb - Aayf Nase. Seif Nabil - El Daka Maqsouda.

Good collection of Arabic Songs for Americans. Laith El Iraqy - Ashtky Lak.

Majd Moussally - Habeb Hebbak. Stephanie Farah - Mafesh Menha. Najwa Farouk - Mawgwa Qalby. Ziad El Asmar - Taii Hebbik.

Ahmed Saad - Salam Ya Sahby. Ammar Al Dyrani - La Aktafe.

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1. Assi El Hellani Wani Marek Marret

Their music is distinct from the rest of Arabic music. Yala is a great way to find more arabic music. To western ears Arabic music sounds at first, well, foreign. In this post you're going to find some songs that you will likely enjoy, digital power station even if you've never listened to Arabic music before. What ever the source you use I think you have done great Job in ranking the songs in nice way.

Shereen Yehia - Mestakanyas. It uses beats, rhythms, and scales that our ears just aren't used to.

Khalid Toumani - Kharja Men Lqalb. Amer Zayan - Mehtaji Eilaqa. Elie Bitar - Ya Emmi Zaleghti.

Salma Rachid - Wesh Jdedak. Mohammed Salameh - Ajmal Banoteh. Mohammed Issa - Ebn Halal.

New Singers Added

Ihab Amir - Wehda Wehda Alia. If I have to liken their performance to a Western musician, I would put them in the same category with Enya - so soulful and beautiful! Amira Zouhair - Mashi Shghlek. Amir Abdallah - Wahashtny Masr.

Khalid Al Morikhy - Teslam Oyounak. Ahmed Shawky - Dayat Omry.

Also, love the Haifa Wehbe video. Rojar Khoury - Ossit Aecheq. Wafeek Habib - Mn Al Akher. Arras Al Rais - Al Ghorba.

Maritta Hallani - Khayfa Anam. Maritta Hallani - Shtaatellak.

Some of The Best Arabic Dance Songs of All Time

Does this say something about Americans or just me? Mostafa Mezher - Oskot Bas. Naeem Al Iraqi - Hkam Damirak. What makes Arabian pop music so freakishly compelling to so many Western ears is the thrilling juxtaposition of effusive emotion and sharp, disciplined beats. Opereta Rejal El Dakhliah.

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Nour El Shinawy - Samar Eino. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Abdelkarim Hamdan - Sedrek Ahan.