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In series, and in his backstory. Wait, wasn't that some new videogame? What has happened to them?

Should they trust this unknown source? Can Gatomon save the day, or will Wizardmon pay the ultimate price?

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She wants to toughen up to be worthy of Leomon and it slowly happens. Although the last Tamer introduced, he's the only one on par in terms of power and competency with the core Power Trio. The dubbers more or less gave up the internal debate about what it was and went with Suzie instead. On it was a stock photo of an older woman with a hand to her head, looking puzzled.

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Rarely does much of anything besides interacting with Kazu. What does this mean for Kari? Natsuko stared down at the pamphlet she'd been handed. Showed up when she was gushing over Leomon in the original Japanese. One day while walking home something bad happens to Davis, that'll change his view on Kari all together.

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He's been traveling around the Digital World for months with Cyberdramon, who was too feral to safely keep on Earth any longer. Landing in Digimon Tamers, he will discover his natural ability and fight with his new friends to save the world, before eventually departing.

We could make a drinking game out of all the problems you'd have to wrap your head around trying to mesh the events of the Digimon WonderSwan Series with Digimon Adventure and Tamers. Only it won't be Bakemon and Deltamon that Daisuke will have to deal with. They head toward a Koromon village, but no Koromon are in sight. It indicates that the power for their digimon to digivolve always came from their hearts.

For Digimon card games, and twice as much as everyone else. Not once in the series does he lose his cool, but his backstory indicates it's nothing more than a cover-up of deeper issues. For the sake of reference, a summary of said games can be found here.

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Both in this series and in his backstory. When their paths cross, they realize that they had more in common than just going to the same summer camp fifteen years ago. He had to learn the very, very hard way to stand on his own as a tamer, and it shows in his attitude towards the others.

Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind Enabling him to save Takato and Guilmon from Beelzemon, by disregarding the difference in powerlevels. Can Joe and Tai manage to convience her of the truth, nicholas hoult dating wdw or will they be punished instead? She has these while she is behaving oddly.

Good lord the girl tries so hard. After becoming a Tamer, she develops a bit of her brother's old attitude. Ryo Akiyama A mysterious Digimon tamer and former champion of the card game, who has some sort of rivalry with Rika. Wears glasses and cute looking. The Digimon Kaiser's not going to let that slide.

What awaits them in the ruins? First shown in the mostly comedic episode where she meets Leomon, where her despair for a bit of fantasy is very subtly shown.

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Like all the other members of her family, this is in full effect because of Alternate Character Reading. In the manhwa adaptation, he only appears briefly in the Digital World and then disappears from the story. Follow this adventure with the Appli Drivers to find this answer.

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He can project an energy whip from his Digivice to discipline Cyberdramon. Mostly used as comic relief.

Was originally just one of Takato's friends, but winds up accompanying him to the Digital World and becoming a Tamer in the process. Obsessed with Digimon card games. He's not happy about being the chosen one. She'd have fit perfectly in the previous series or the next one.