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This proved to be extremely disastrous, as Ben became known as Kylo Ren. He has taken up the position as maknae in this band. He does not give importance to physical looks. As such, they remain enemies. It's shown that Han's death actually has haunted him and made him very unwilling to do the same to his mother, Leia, even damaging his faith in his master Snoke.

He says the celebrity who suits his ideal type is Lee Hyori. This gives users the opportunity to mingle and chat without the pressure of a one-on-one date. Unfortunately, Luke made a mistake by contemplating and nearly considering killing him upon sensing how strong his connection to the Dark side of the Force is. He has revealed that his ideal girl should be loyal and pure. Luke was the only one who managed to survive and escape the Jedi massacre.

As of now he is not involved in any relationships. Moreover, he was called as a mood maker of the team. He has revealed his ideal girl is one who takes care of him well. As of now he is single and has not even dated anyone.

Tensions between them grew when Ren killed Snoke. You first answer questions about your lifestyle and physical appearance. Ren is very convinced of her power, believing even she does not know it. As of now he is single and enjoying his life along with the journey of music.

He is looking for a kind and loving girl. Luke taught Ben of the ways of the Light side of the Force and lightsaber combat. He rejected Han and brutally murdered him, though he deeply regretted this almost immediately after it occurred, showing that he did at least had some love for him prior to turning to the Dark side. However, he has revealed his ideal type to have a cute look and large eyes. Setting up your user profile is easy to do.

Though he did not know Ren had murdered his master, Hux tried to kill Ren regardless so as to try and claim power for himself. He has not yet been caught in any scandals as well. Match Events range from cocktail hours to more structured activities like bowling.

Ren, under the orders of Snoke, is instructed to find and kill Luke. He has also said that he loves girls who know how to cook well. In total, setting up a profile only took our reviewers five minutes. This fear and his desire to live up to his grandfather's legacy was why he, like his maternal grandfather before him, turned to the Dark side, becoming known as Kylo Ren. You can also add more information to your profile like your family background, personal values or what you want in a date.

Yet, despite all the atrocities that Ren had committed over the years, Leia still believed that Ben could come back to the light and be redeemed. Ren became enraged when Finn and Rey respectively used his grandfather's lightsaber against him, as he believes that the weapon rightfully belongs to him. However, Hux, regardless of ambition, was swiftly put into place when Ren used the Force to choke him into submission. Rey left him for dead, but later developed a Force-bond with him that was the result of manipulation by Snoke. Han Solo An unmasked Kylo facing his father.

Who is Alexis Ren dating? Alexis Ren boyfriend, husband

Ren on the other hand was willing to kill his father to keep from feeling such feelings as love and compassion from making him feel weak and pull him back to the Light side. He very much longs to turn her to the Dark side and train her, but this ultimately backfires for the time being. However, Ben come to greatly admire and revere his maternal grandfather's power, but, also came to fear that he may never be as powerful as the Chosen One. Leia was heartbroken that her son had become evil and mourned his fate bitterly.

Snoke knows that as long as Luke is alive, a new generation of Jedi Knights can rise once again. He is also the responsible leader.

He expects a compatible relationship. He also vowed to destroy her when she refused to join him and in so doing, snuff out the Jedi for good. She should have a bright smile always on her face.

Baekho loves to play basketball. Even though his agency encourages dating, sweet dee's dating a retarded person video they could not find time to balance between work and personal life. He has not yet been caught in any rumors related to dating. He confessed that he has not even experienced dating.

Though she tried to return him to the Light side and even fought beside him against Snoke's guards, Ren refused to join her and instead tried swaying her to the Dark Side to no avail. There was even a Bucket List Event Series so users with the same items on their bucket list could do them together, like take flying lessons, hike or take a big trip together.

He likes to sleep by hugging some one nearby. Ren also was more abusive towards Hux afterwards, slamming him into a wall with the Force when Hux angered him during the battle of Crait. As of now he is single enjoying music along with his group mates.

He was born in California and has dual nationality between Korean and American. He has revealed his ideal girl should be caring and loving. He has taken up the position as a vocalist and rapper in this band. They had staged many concerts and tours around the world projecting their musical talents to their fans.