Argus C3 Camera Review

Argus C3 Camera Review


Argus c3 dating, argus c3 - camera review - casual photophile

When was my Argus camera made

So what are you waiting for? That's when I discovered the focus was soft. Published ranges are inaccurate. But you can get a vague idea from subtle feature changes.

This can be prevented by making sure that the advance knob is turned as far as it will go immediately before each shot. This site is not affiliated with any current incarnation of Argus Camera Company. These are probably leftover parts from that model, being used up on other cameras. It was the Argus Collectors site that prompted the question because it lacked the info I was seeking. Two variants of the front logo and film speed indicator exist.

He probably knew best how to get sharp pictures! Very early production C cameras had high and low range shutter speeds marked on the speed dial, with a separate switch to select the desired speed range. The separate-cocking shutter often is taken by the subject to be the shutter release, kaley cuoco rules for dating and often the best expression is the relaxed one after the exposure.

  • The number of speeds and the specific ones available both depend on the year of manufacture.
  • No known documentation of Delco vintage.
  • Combined with the mirroring system, which often becomes darkened with age, this filter can make the rangefinder rather murky and dim.
  • The rangefinder is a split-image type, with a relatively short base and a relatively low magnification or none at all in earlier examples.

Argus C3 - Camera Review - Casual Photophile

The rangefinder was separate from the viewfinder and was coupled to the lens through a series of gears located on the outside of the camera body. It offered numerous improvements over the older model including an integrated rangefinder and coupled light meter. What happens is they get stiff. Establishing dates of manufacture for Argus cameras is an inexact art.

Bokeh when shot wide-open is nothing special, surely on account of the relatively slow maximum aperture. The advance knob is on the top plate, while the rewind is diagonally opposite it on the bottom, paired with a dummy knob for symmetry. The two cameras share the same set of serial numbers and it's not known if different ranges were used for each of the two cameras. Hey, at least it looks nice on a shelf, right?

Argus C3 - - The free camera encyclopedia

Survey data so far support that but actual endpoints are unknown. Ended up buying one after this review, details say the focus will be smooth so hopefully this is accurate. Certainly not outstanding compared to higher dollar cameras of the same vintage, payments but decent within their limitations. Let us know if we can see your shots anyplace online.

The history behind Argus is really an American success story. The series began in with the Argus C, equipped with a rangefinder which was not coupled to the lens. The Argus Collectors Group is a pretty active bunch.

Shutter button changed from a stovepipe to a button shape, cocking lever changed to a teardrop shape, aperture ring changed to a funnel shape around the lens front instead of on the very front. Great for snap-shooting but not super sharp for big enlargements. Once you clean the mechanism out with solvent and grease the wheel and stuff, they are actually quite smooth!

When Was My Argus Camera Made

Argus C3 serial number / mfg date

Normally, we parse it out in great detail, specifically advising as to which type of photographer would most benefit from the acquisition of the aforementioned bit of kit. It is set in a screw-mount. These cameras are super easy to work on. There is a feature where you can pose a question that is e-mailed to all members of the group.

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Stamped in dark numbers on a black surface so hard to see under the best of conditions. This includes Golden Shield Match-Matics. James Tocchio is a writer and photographer, online dating long island and the founder of Casual Photophile.

Argus C3 Camera Review

Argus c3 dating

This means that preparing the camera to take a photo is a multi-step process the likes of which more modern camera users will have never experienced. Empirical data suggest range is between roughly and ignoring leading zeros. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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  1. Any camera with a coated lens whether labeled as such or not was probably made in July or later.
  2. The advance mechanism and exposure counter are of a remarkably simple type.
  3. While I certainly made some very nice shots mostly of my daughter none were ever remarkably sharp.
  4. They can be super stiff to focus.
Argus C3 - Matt s Classic Cameras

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Argus c3 dating
Cameras by model

He took good care of his things. Everything is pretty easy to access. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. But the idea that film will ever again be the dominant medium in photography is unthinkable. Namespaces Page Discussion.

As mentioned before sample variation was considerable. The endpoint is per published information. Bulb exposure is activated by turning the base of the shutter-release.

The website has quite a few reference photos of different models and variations, that may help you identify your camera. On this fake knob is the tripod bushing. Chromatic aberration occurred in high-contrast areas of the frame, but distortion was completely corrected. However it was very dusty and gummed up because I had it on shelf display for years.

Argus Price Guide estimate a camera value

Two distinct body styles were manufactured. The one on the right can be loosened and slid back and forth in its slot to adjust the horizontal position. And you base this upon what? Indeed, for a small, low-priced camera, it has a decent range of features, allowing professional results from a well-adjusted, competently used example. There was a variant featuring color-coded exposure controls known as the Colormatic.

For one, the film advance is separate from the shutter cocking mechanism. The gearing connecting the rangefinder and the lens is another mechanically simple and robust piece of engineering, allowing the photographer to reliably synchronize the two when mounting a lens. The shutter is manually cocked by a lever on the camera front. The advance mechanism does not lock the film from rewinding at any time, so the photographer must take care not to shoot overlapping framed by partially rewinding before a shot.

There is also a Yahoo mailing list that you can join for the group. Inside this port, which opens with a spanner wrench, there is a metal plate with two screws in it. The range - is per published information. There are lots of good repair sources online for free. The range - ignoring leading zeros is per published information.

Argus C3 serial number / mfg date

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