Can I hook up a 120 volt receptacle to a 240 volt wire

Can I hook up a 120 volt receptacle to a 240 volt wire


120 volt receptacle hook up, wiring diagrams for receptacle outlets

If only a few seconds, then probably just electronics was fried. All the control boards for every unit went haywire, including the fridge, water heater and furnace too. Likely everything with a circuit board that was running from the volt circuit is damaged. That was the hint I needed to avoid making an expensive mistake as well.

Wiring a Grounded Duplex Receptacle Outlet

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Voltage passes through these devices in order to continue down the line. How often this happens is a mystery, but according to my discussions with Gary Bunzer and Mark Polk, it seems to happen a lot. Will I have all the same problems or will it be less or worse?

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If it's a black and white you would take the white wire and move it over to the neutral bar with all the other whites and hook it up there. By contrast, speed dating sites india switches and circuit breakers are wired in series. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Mis-wiring a volt RV outlet with volts

Luckily, I had a surge protector on, which likely saved my appliances. If an interruption occurs in a switch, there will be no electricity beyond that point. Sounds like you had better get an electrician to answer your question. When viewed from the front of the outlet with the ground at the top, dating time the neutral wire should be on the right.

So in time I believe my microwave blew and now my heater. Turn the breakers back off and call a certified electrician for further testing of the circuit. Wow, I would have screwed up big time. Once you turn off the main breaker, there should be no power to the outlet.

Wiring an Ungrounded Polarized Outlet

Wiring Diagrams for Electrical Receptacle Outlets

How do i know if i need or power source for washing machine? So I would use everything you can as much as you can for the next few weeks, and most of the damaged gear will probably show up soon. It lacks a grounding contact and the plug slots are both the same size. If you do not know which breaker that is, turn off the main electrical supply breaker.

Again, a slightly different issue. The slots are configured to accept only plugs from compatible appliances. At the outlet, it's Blk to brass, Wht.

  • So my employer has several rv lots used by employees because we work on site.
  • Well inside the trailer I was in volt mode but every time I went to outside I was in volt mode.
  • Sounds like an open neutral to me.
  • If the wire covering is nicked, frayed or compromised to show bare wire beneath it, cut the wire at the damaged point with wire cutters.

Mis-wiring a 120-volt RV outlet with 240-volts

The amp volt 2 pole 3 wir

Also turn off the breaker you're working on. How long was this running on volts? Not true anymore that plugs in different countries or different voltages are always different. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. There is just too much money and safety riding on this potential mistake.

Can I hook up a volt receptacle to a volt wire

Series or Parallel It's common to describe household wall receptacles that are wired together using the device terminals as wired in series. But hey, they get more money out of people having to fix this. Yes I knew they were for v so I was looking for the hot screw. Interior garage doors that are metal is there a way to lock them? Certain circuits do not run without the shore power.

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  1. Also protects against surges.
  2. But any kind of direct lightning hit to the electrical wiring is going through them anyways.
  3. Replace the outlet cover and test for voltage after you reset the breakers.
  4. Oh, yes, thank you for that clarification.
  5. This information is very helpful.
  6. Would it be still repaired or not?

Can I hook up a 120 volt receptacle to a 240 volt wire

Warnings Treat electricity with respect. Stickers are cheap, easy to install and could potentially save a life. And if the appliance in the first receptacle shorted out or failed in some other way, it would interrupt the current to the other outlets in the circuit. You'll need a lot of help. In a series circuit, current must pass through a load at each device.

So it can shift around depending on the load imbalance creating volts or whatever. The cable contains two volt wires, a neutral wire and a ground wire. Wiring a Amp Volt Appliance Receptacle This outlet is commonly used for a heavy load such as a large air conditioner. These receptacles are usually found in kitchen wall outlets where two branch circuits are needed to serve small appliances and a refrigerator separately.

Each has a double breaker box, which we've shut off. Can you get a deadbolt on a fire door? The copper or green wire attaches to the green post, which is marked on some outlets, or the bottom ground screw, if not marked, best japanese dating on the outlet proper.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Reassemble the wall outlet. In most cases, it will be held in by two slotted screws, one on top and one on the bottom.

Anything that was turned off during the overvoltage event could probably survive. Yalanovsky also writes a bimonthly column that provides home improvement advice. With this configuration any wire in the circuit may be hot at all times and there's no protection against electrocution. Finally, test the outlet yourself for proper voltage before plugging in.

First you've got to know what you've got, dating antique furniture and what you're doing. You turn the panel main back on first. Please help if this can still be fixed.

How to Wire a 120-Volt Wall Outlet

Wiring Diagrams for Receptacle Outlets

Your situation just depends on the type of power supplies in your electronic gear and just how long you exposed everything to volts. Yes, but you must be careful to use only one of the hot legs. The source from the circuit should be connected to the line terminals and any standard duplex outlet or other device connected to the load terminals will be protected by this gfci.

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So if you had plugged a stove into this receptacle its normal function you probably would have burned up the stove electronics, but not the heating element. Don't use this receptacle when no ground wire is available. Can I hook up a volt receptacle to a volt wire? Hooking up electric to shop?

Just an update that might be useful for anyone that unknowingly follows in my footsteps of stupidity. To keep from frying yourself or other equipment - get prof advice. The load terminals are not used for this circuit. Are they liable for the damage? Nice unit and gives me piece of mind when plugging into campground power pedestals.

The electrician is paying for the new converter. This is the oldest version of a wall receptacle that you will find. Unscrew the screws holding them onto the outlet and pull off the wires.

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